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Ensure your ski slope adventures are covered

1st November 2010 Print

Ski enthusiasts looking to hit the slopes this winter should ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover in place for themselves and their families. And this cover must include winter sports cover, says

Research from the comparison site reveals that while there are competitive deals available, policies covering winter sports can vary a great deal from provider to provider, with exclusions and caveats commonplace as well as coverage levels. It is therefore crucial to check the small print. A family of four hitting the slopes for a week in Europe can insure themselves for as little as £14 with OUL Direct, which covers winter sports equipment, piste closure, and off-piste skiing.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, said: "Travel insurance should be an essential item when planning any holiday, especially for a trip involving adrenaline-fuelled winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. A snow-filled holiday on the slopes can be costly, but foregoing travel cover just isn't an option for savvy skiers and snowboarders and scouring the small print really is a must. I would urge those booking their winter skiing trip away to take out a travel insurance policy as soon as they have purchased their trip and this should include cover for incidents such as scheduled airline failure and cancellation of what can be an expensive trip. This will ensure you and your family are covered from the outset against unforeseen circumstances which may prevent you from taking that trip away.

"On top of the usual standard criteria such as cancellation, baggage cover, and medical expenses, ski-enthusiasts must ensure their policy includes winter sports protection such as cover for sports equipment, ski pass, or going off-piste. It's crucial however to scour the small print to ensure you know exactly what your policy covers you for and where you stand before jetting off. In addition, holidaymakers need to be clued up when it comes to indulging in après-ski activities after a hard day on the slopes. All travel insurance policies have clauses relating to alcohol consumption which will affect the validity of any claim made, so be wary of that lunchtime drink on the slopes." found there are also competitive deals on annual travel insurance. A family of four can purchase an annual policy from as little as £35 a year with Travel Insurance Club, which provides cover for winter sports equipment, ski pack and pass, and piste closure.

Bob Atkinson continued: "Making sure you have appropriate travel cover for your ski holiday shouldn't break the bank - there are competitive deals out there for jet-setters prepared to shop around online for the best deals. Families who travel more than once in a year may also find annual travel insurance the more cost effective option. Be warned however, as families who are frequent skiers need to bear in mind that most annual policies will only cover you to ski for a maximum number of days per year. If you exceed the stated number then your policy will become invalid.

"In addition to your travel insurance, for those holidaying in a European Union country securing an EHIC before heading off (European Health Insurance Card) is another must. This entitles you to state-provided healthcare in European Union member states, but it should not be considered a replacement for travel cover. And if you already hold such a card check it is still in date for your trip"