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Broadband Brits ignore chance to save a bundle

1st March 2011 Print

A new survey from has revealed that over a quarter (28%) of British broadband customers are missing out on significant savings by failing to bundle up their broadband connection with digital TV or home phone services.

When asked their reasons for choosing not to get all their services supplied by one provider, 40% said it was because they did not believe it would offer better value for money. A further 21% argued that they did not believe the service would be satisfactory whilst 16% said it was too much hassle to switch all services to one company.

Providers of bundled services constantly deliver new deals and service improvements in a bid to win custom. As a result, consumers who opt to bundle up their broadband service with a digital TV and home phone contract from one supplier could save themselves over £300 per year.

Michael Phillips, product director at commented: "The cost of living is rising. British consumers need to review their spending to minimise the financial blow, therefore it is surprising that such a high proportion of British broadband customers do not realise that bundles offer excellent value for money. Furthermore, the number of respondents who claimed to have no faith that the service would be satisfactory is troubling. The bundles market is fiercely competitive and providers are doing all they can to improve services and gain more customers - consumers may be surprised what they can get if they just call up and ask for it.

 "The savings from bundling can be huge, as well as the added convenience of having only one bill to pay every month. Anyone looking to save money on their broadband and digital TV or home phone services should get online and use an Ofcom-accredited comparison site to check for the best deals available in their area. They will almost certainly save money on what they are currently paying and may easily negate the effect of the VAT rise by switching to a bundled deal."'s top tips on what to consider when choosing a broadband bundle:

1. Think literally - try to realistically consider your needs as a broadband user. If you spend over 2 hours per day using iPlayer or downloading music and film you will need a package that can support that activity (20GB+ or an ‘unlimited' usage allowance).  If all you do is email and surf the net you'll probably only need a basic service (20GB or lower).

2. TV channels - all packages and providers offer slightly different combinations (or packs) of channels.  Make sure you do your home work and factor in the cost of adding that crucial sports pack or movie channels, depending on your priorities.

3. Broadband speed - whilst non-cable services can offer impressive broadband speeds, Virgin Media's cable technology does provide very fast and very reliable broadband.  But it's horses for courses and if you're a light internet user, high speed and unlimited downloads might not be the most pressing issue. However, if you are a large family with multiple PCs in the home competing for bandwidth, it could be time to upgrade to a fast 20Mb+ connection

4. Home phone - check to ensure that the call package is relevant to your specific needs.  Do you need free evening or weekend calls (or both)? Also check the cost of calling internationally and charges for calling mobile phone networks, as these can prove expensive but are often forgotten when choosing a bundle.

5. Functionality - If you want to go for high definition television, Sky is pretty hard to beat, whilst those who are more concerned with video on demand services might be better off opting for Virgin Media. Either way, do your research beforehand so you get a service that works for you.

6. Compare your current deal with the latest offers using an Ofcom accredited comparison service such as The best deals are usually found online and exclusive offers are frequently available through price comparison sites.