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Single celebs ‘Twirting’ their way to romance this Valentine’s Day

10th February 2012 Print

A new poll from has found that X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Frankie Cocozza is the flirtiest celebrity on Twitter. Known for his foul mouth and bad boy antics, the star has used Twitter to reveal his soft side. On average he ‘Twirts’ to his fans an celebrity followers over 30 times a day. has found that Cocozza’s ‘Twirting’ crown is closely matched by the newly single comedian Russell Brand who is using the social networking site to speak out.  So much so that his ex-wife Katy Perry has chosen to ‘unfollow’ him to avoid further heartache from the notorious lothario.

Olly Murs, X Factor predecessor and cheeky chappy was also voted as one of the top three celebrity ‘Twirts’ as he woos his fans with one on one Tweets before his shows. Murs has even been known to share a few flirtatious Tweets with his Xtra Factor co-presenter Caroline Flack.

Flirtiest Celebs on Twitter

1. Frankie Cocozza
2. Russell Brand
3. Liz Hurley
4. Olly Murs
5. Mark Wright
6. Kelly Brook
7. Peter Andre
8. Jason Manford
9. Peter Andre
10. Nicola Mclean

‘Twirting’ doesn’t always have to end in embarrassment and humiliation – it can help romance blossom if you ‘Twirt’ your cards right. Actress & swimwear model Liz Hurley and Australian cricketer Shane Warne proved that Twitter can be a platform for love when their long term relationship started with a single Tweet back in 2010.

Marriage can even stem from ‘Twirting’.  MasterChef’s judge Greg Wallace met his wife Heidi Brown on Twitter in 2009. Wallace was wooed when Brown left a flirtatious message asking if he knew he had been labelled a 'weird crush' in a magazine - and he replied: 'Ever visit London? Give me a call and I’ll buy you lunch’.

Danny Mahon, Marketing Manager for said: “Twitter and Twirting are here to stay. The platform can be the perfect route to romance and there is something quite naughty about people publically sharing their affections online. Let’s be fair, we all love seeing the soap opera unfold.  Here at  we hate the thought of people sitting at home alone on Valentine’s Day so we have launched the I Heart Bingo game play where people can win a share of 25k and share the love.“