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Essex boy Mark Wright equals posh Prince Harry in bedroom stakes

13th February 2012 Print

Valentine's Day has already got pulses racing across the UK, as reveals the celebrities the nation dreams of waking up next to on the most romantic morning of the year. The discount hotels specialist found that Essex lad Mark Wright and royal bachelor Prince Harry both polled the same percentage of votes, both being chosen by one in five women, dividing the country's desires. British men however, wish they could wake up next to a Kent-born curvy pin-up rather than upper class beauties this February 14th: with almost a third voting for Kelly Brook above both Pippa and Kate Middleton in their fantasy sleepovers.

The Top 4 Male celebrities Britain would like to wake up next to this Valentine's Day:

Mark Wright - 19%
Prince Harry - 19%
Harry Judd - 13%
Harry Styles - 3%
Other - 46%

The Top 4 Female celebrities Britain would like to wake up next to this Valentine's Day:

Kelly Brook - 28%
Kate Middleton - 19%
Pippa Middleton - 18%
Carol Vorderman - 6%
Other - 29%

Britain's men certainly preferred a curvier bedmate on the whole in 2012, with votes also coming in for new mum Beyonce and Nigella Lawson, as well as some more unusual choices including funny-woman Jo Brand and the original Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

Down to earth tastes rather than high society selections were not only reflected in a choice of bed companion, but also in choice of gift for Valentine's Day. 37% of romantics are budgeting to spend between £30 and £100, planning a hotel stay with dinner as the perfect gift, while keeping costs sensible. The nation is however splashing out more on Valentine's Day 2012, with only 26% of people this year keeping their belts tightened, compared to a massive 50% in 2011 who spent less than £30 on a simple card or flowers option.

"It was certainly interesting to find out who Britain would most like to wake up next to on Valentine's day, especially to see such different types of people such as Mark Wright and Prince Harry go head to head," commented Lynda Matthews, Offline Marketing Manager at "Even though people may not want to go "high society" in their gift selection this year, have got a range of romantic and luxurious hotels at fantastic prices, which will keep both partner and bank balance happy."