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Car Security

Citroen secures five British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards

Citroen has demonstrated, once again, that its car and van ranges offer some of the most secure vehicles on UK roads, by picking up a further five awards at the 2010 British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards (BIVSA). Citroen has now received a total of 25 accolades in the awards’ seven year history - more than any other vehicle manufacturer.

LoJack & Maserati join forces to help fight auto theft in Europe

LoJack, the leading global provider of tracking and recovery systems for stolen mobile assets, has announced that all Maserati dealerships in Italy, France, Spain and United Kingdom will now offer the Maserati LJ Security System to its customers.

Key to preventing car theft begins at home

Figures announced in a parliamentary answer given by the Rt. Hon Alan Johnson MP, Home Secretary last month, show that in 2008/09 over 19,400 cars were stolen in this way, more than 1,600 per month: a 19 per cent increase over similar figures announced last year.

Tracker helps in car crime ring clampdown

Once again TRACKER, the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery company, has been instrumental in helping police close the net on organised crime. When TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery device located a stolen Golf GTi, police were led to a crime ring and a clutch of stolen cars.

Car thieves importing GPS jammers from China

Criminal gangs importing GPS jammers from China to help them steal expensive cars or transporters with valuable loads will soon be in for nasty surprise.

Don’t be a victim of car theft

The ever present threat of vehicle theft remains a real danger to dealers, with analysis from HPI revealing that 4x4s and compact executive-style vehicles are most at threat from being stolen.

Just one TRACKER device is all it takes

South Yorkshire ‘chopper coppers’ hit gold when a TRACKER unit in a stolen Land Rover led them to a clutch of stolen vehicles in the process of being stripped down by thieves.

Keep car thieves out in the cold

The snow proved a perfect blank canvas for Somerset Police recently after a bungling car thief left his tracks in the snow, leading police straight to where he lived.

Quad bike thieves stopped in tracks by Dorset Police

When thieves stole a quad bike from the Amesbury area of Wiltshire, they thought it was an easy target, but Dorset Police thwarted their plans thanks to TRACKER, UK stolen vehicle recovery company.

Don’t be a victim of car theft

The ever present threat of vehicle theft provides a real danger to used car buyers and recent analysis from HPI reveals that 4x4s and compact executive-style vehicles are most at threat from being stolen.

Danny Dyer’s mean machine recovered

Actor Danny Dyer is usually the one on the wrong side of the law in his big screen roles, but recently he was the victim of a real life crime when thieves stole his car keys and drove away in his Porsche Cayenne.

DSA wins first national identity crime award

A Driving Standards Agency (DSA) team tracking down criminals who undermine the driving test has won a major new award.

Eurowatch tracks stolen trailer across Sahara desert

It’s a big place, the Sahara, so when a EUROWATCH client reported a trailer missing from a defaulting lease customer last seen in Agadair, Morocco, it was going to be quite a task to get it back!

Tracker finds stolen milk float in the Midlands

Thieves in the West Midlands seemed intent on depriving locals of their daily pint of milk when they stole a Ford Transit milk float.

Car thieves delight in winter nights

TRACKER, the UK’s leading provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems, is urging motorists to prepare for the dark winter months as figures show a 20 per cent increase in recoveries of stolen vehicles during the winter months compared to the height of summer.