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Putting the power back into electric showers

9th March 2012 Print

With a staggering 10.4 million UK households now using electric shower systems, the nation’s showering population is not only experiencing disappointing low pressure; they are wasting water, energy and money as a result.

Ecocamel has launched the ultimate solution for electric shower users with JetStorm E – a showerhead that injects power back into electric showers.

“Electric showers are a popular option for many as they are economical and energy efficient,” says Ecocamel director Ofir Neuman. “However, the most common complaint we hear from people, is that they provide low pressure and a disappointing shower experience because of the reduced flow of water. This means that people are spending far longer in the shower, completely negating the money and energy savings that electric systems have to offer.

“With a summer drought looming and bills continuing to rise, the JetStorm E is helping people reap the cost and eco savings of their electric systems, without compromising on quality.”

Using advanced in-built Aircore technology, the JetStorm E works by injecting air into the water stream through a small inlet at the base of the handle. This forces the water out of the showerhead at high speed, increasing the pressure and delivering an invigorating spa shower experience.

The sleek and stylish JetStorm E features a large faceplate for an even shower spray and coloured trims to add a touch of style to any bathroom. It also prevents the build up of limescale with a self drainage feature and wipe clean rubber nodules. It is compatible with any electric shower and is also easy to install – simply unscrew your old showerhead and replace!

JetStorm E costs £49.95. It is available to buy from Ecocamel: