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Easy ways to stop growth of mould in your home

3rd September 2020 Print

In winter months, the chances of mildew and mould growth will increase. It will increase the chances of health risks. Some common health complaints include health infections, eye irritation, headaches, and respiratory problems. No doubt, mould is dangerous for everyone, especially if you are living with infants. 

Along with health implications, mould may ruin your structure and furniture. For infestation of mould, winter and the rainy season is the prime time. You can frequently find mould in bathroom, basement and other humid places. Here are some tips to stop the growth of mould in your home.

Open Windows

To beat mould, you have to ventilate your home as soon as possible. Bathrooms and kitchens are at maximum risk of developing mildew and mould. When taking a shower or cooking, you can open the window for a short period. It will be helpful to stop the flow of moisture.

Keep Bathroom Mould-free and Fresh

Keep your bathroom well-ventilated to avoid mildew and mould. Fortunately, mould spray is sufficient to keep your bathroom mould-free and fresh. Here are some tips for your assistance:

- Spread towels after use to make them dry quickly.

- Remove container from your shower for easy cleaning and improved circulation.

- Use a squeegee or clean towel to wipe down your bathroom after a shower. 

- Select shower curtains that clean and dry easily to avoid residue of soap that fosters mould.

- Wash your shower curtain with a disinfectant and hot water. You can mix a cup of lemon juice and salt in hot water before cleaning.

Keep Doors Closed

Keep doors close because bathrooms and kitchens are essential spots for mould. Make sure to confine extra moisture. Avoid leaving the door of the bathroom open during a bath or a shower. If a door remains open, steam will travel around your home and increase the chances of mould.

Condensation may build up on the wall of a bathroom or kitchen. It will increase the chances of mould and mildew growth.

Clean Your Carpet

Carefully clean your carpets if they have an unpleasant and musty odour. Make sure to take immediate action to avoid mould. If mildew is invisible to your naked eye, it will start spreading under your feet.

Prevention is always better than cure. You have to invest in top-rated carpet padding with anti-microbial characteristics. It may be expensive and allow you to save time. Moreover, it will be an excellent investment to avoid mould breakout. Regularly vacuum carpets or hire a professional cleaner for cleaning.

Check Leaks

You have to check leaks around your home because it will be the reason for mould growth. It will be great to check your house with essential appliances, including showers and kettles. Some common spots to check are behind toilets, under sinks and around dishwasher and washing machine. 

Immediately call a plumber after noticing a leak. Spring cleaning is necessary to avoid clutter around your home. Remember, clutter may be breeding grounds for mould growth. Your house needs proper ventilation to avoid mildew and mould.