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How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

27th February 2024 Print

Planning a bathroom renovation? The bathroom is a space that can become dated, worn, dingy, and unappealing over time. Therefore, this is one of the best areas to focus on in terms of home improvements. Renovating this space can make a big difference to your home and life and add a fair amount of value to your property. 

Make a Budget

You want your bathroom to look its best and become a spa-like space, but you don’t want to get yourself in financial hot water! Costs can spiral out of control with any home improvement project, so you should always work out how much you are willing to spend first. You should consider whether you will pay the costs upfront, take out a loan, or use finance to fund the project.

Assess Your Needs

Next, you should consider your needs. Everyone has different needs when it comes to the bathroom and different spaces to work with, so you should consider the area you have and what you want from the bathroom. For example, you might want a free-standing bathtub or be happy with only having a shower.

Choose a Style

The best bathrooms are ones that have a clear style and theme. There are many good ones to choose from, so think about the type you would like and would work well with your space. A few themes to consider include:

- Modern
- Minimalist
- Traditional
- Rustic
- Beach
- Nautical
- Industrial

Once you have chosen a style, you can then look for inspiration online and start thinking about colour pallets, decoration, and hardware. It is also helpful to visit a bathroom showroom to get some ideas and speak to professionals who can offer expert advice. 


Keep in mind that renovations can take a while to complete, so you want to have a timeline and work out the most logical sequence to follow. For example, you may need to connect certain appliances and features before moving on to decoration. It is important to discuss the timeline with your contractors so that you can make plans (you might need to find somewhere else to shower, for example). If you are doing the renovation yourself, it is helpful to create a timeline to follow so that you can stay on schedule and complete the work in a logical sequence. 

These are the key areas to focus on when renovating your bathroom. A bathroom renovation can make a big difference to your home as well as your daily life. It can also add a fair amount of value to your home! These projects can also be complex and disruptive, so it is vital that you have a detailed plan in place that will guide you through each stage and keep everything organised, on schedule, and on budget.