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Make more of a small bathroom

24th September 2012 Print

Bathrooms exist primarily for function and often they are one of the smallest rooms in the house. But that doesn’t mean they have to feel cramped. You can make the smallest of bathrooms an enjoyable space to be in – it just takes a little imagination to most effectively use the space that you have.

Good storage

If your bathroom is for more than one person, then it can quickly get filled up with bottles of toiletries and makeup. Take out as much of the clutter that has built up in your bathroom as you can, and leave only the most regularly used items in there.

You can maximise storage by making use of open shelving as well as a bathroom cabinet. For example at the opposite end of the bath to the shower head, you can install two or three shelves at head height and store all waterproof items there.

You may have all your medicines stored in the bathroom, but do you actually need to? Go through what you have – you’ll probably find that lots of things are out of date and need throwing away. See if you can store what’s left somewhere else in the house – in a drawer in the bedroom, maybe?

If you want a bathroom cabinet, get a mirror fronted one. This means using half the space you’d need for a separate cabinet and mirror. Even if you don’t have room for a bathroom cabinet, a shelf above the basin and below the mirror can store those daily items like toothbrushes, razors, etc.

Think about the space at ground level as well. You could get a vanity unit that fits under the basin. This is a great spot for bulkier items as well as cleaning products and spare toilet roll.

Room for another?

If you don’t find there’s enough time for everyone in the family to use the bathroom, think about installing an extra one. If you already have a downstairs toilet, you may have room to get a shower unit fitted in there as well. Electric showers can be fitted quickly and easily, and are cheap to run. They only need to be connected to cold the water supply, as the water is heated only when you run the shower.

Where there’s space for an electric shower, there will also be room to fit a power shower. Whether you do this depends on the budget you have available and how much you want or need a power shower over an electric one.

Once you’ve improved the look and functionality of your bathroom, your daily bathing regimen should be a much nicer experience!