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Launching the eco shower revolution

31st May 2013 Print
The Orbit in action

A groundbreaking new eco showerhead has launched that not only boasts a striking halo-shaped design, it saves money, water and energy in the home – all whist providing a powerful, invigorating shower experience.

The Orbit, from eco shower specialist Ecocamel, combines cutting edge aesthetics with unbeatable performance – and can even cut a home’s hot water bills by a massive 40%.

Despite its hollow centre, the Orbit uses 10 clusters of carefully positioned nozzles (in a unique ‘bicycle spoke’ pattern) to provide an even spray and full water coverage. It also uses advanced AirCore technology to inject maximum power into your shower and features a unique rifling system for a consistent high-speed flow.

As well as providing a powerful, spa-like shower sensation, the Orbit’s pioneering AirCore technology is proven to use an average of 74% less water compared to other leading showerhead brands. The less water you use, the less energy you need to heat it; so you can go green and save money on your bills at the same time.

“You might think that having a hole in the middle means you would feel a gap in the water spray,” says Ofir Neuman, director of Ecocamel. “But with 40 overlapping high power jets of water - the beauty of the Orbit is it actually delivers a bigger and better spray than a typical showerhead would!”

The Orbit’s AirCore technology works by injecting air into the water stream through a small inlet in the handle. This forces water out of the showerhead at high speed, increasing the pressure. The result is a fantastic, satisfying shower experience, where water droplets burst easily onto the skin and soak you more effectively without splashing or wasting water.

Adds Neuman: “The Orbit takes the technology used in our already successful JetStorm showerhead to the next level. We’ve worked hard to really push the boundaries of design, whilst combining maximum power with minimum environmental impact and lower bills!”

The chic, chrome showerhead also incorporates wipe clean nozzles and detachable faceplates for easy cleaning. It simply screws onto your existing shower hose, making it quick and hassle-free to install yourself.

A stand-out feature for any bathroom, the Orbit comes in two colour variations from classic white to statement orange. To buy yours visit

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The Orbit in action The Orbit