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Jacob’s Creek serves up party tips for a successful game, set and match

19th June 2013 Print
Jacobs Creek limited edition

As Wimbledon-fever hits town, iconic Australian wine brand, Jacob’s Creek is offering tips to serve up a grand slam summer get-together for both sport and non-tennis fans alike.  As the official wine sponsor of Wimbledon, Jacob’s Creek is here to help you ace your own Wimbledon party as you celebrate one of the nation’s most exciting social events. 


Cocktails are bang on-trend this summer, with 87% of us regularly drinking them. Jacob’s Creek has created a range of light and refreshing wine cocktails to spritz up your summer occasions. Each recipe has been specifically developed to highlight the character of the Jacob’s Creek wine used as a base in the cocktail. Enjoy!

1. Centre Court Spritzer – sup up your spritzer

125ml Riesling, 10ml elderflower liqueur, 60ml soda water, ice, lemon and lime pieces

2. Grass Court Cooler – the wine equivalent of a Mojito

125ml Sauvignon Blanc, 35ml apple juice, 35ml lemonade, ice and lots of mint

3. Match Point Mimosa – bringing a touch of pink to summer

125ml Shiraz Rosé, 35ml orange juice, 35ml lemonade, ice and a slice of orange

4. 15-Love – like Sangria only better

125ml Shiraz Cabernet, 35ml Cranberry, 35ml Lemonade, ice and a slice of orange

5. Base Line – lip-smacking refreshment in a glass

125ml Riesling, 10ml lime cordial, 60ml lemonade, ice and lime wedge

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Jacobs Creek limited edition