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Find the perfect bed for you

18th March 2014 Print

There are so many different types of beds out there to fit your needs. The style you get depends on what you want, the room it's going to go into, who’s going to be sleeping in it, and also what type of house and décor you have. Take a look at the Divan Beds Centre to get more of an idea of what's available to you.

Four poster

A four poster bed has something very magical and romantic about it. The size you get depends on the space you have in your home. If you have a huge country house then you can go all out with a large, oak four poster bed. You can then cover the bed in plush bedsheets in deep, rich colours. There are so many fantastic designs available these days, from antique to modern: take inspiration from some of these examples.

Bunk beds

These are great for children's rooms as they can save space while also providing a fun place to sleep. The bunk bed doesn't necessarily have to be one bed over the other. The space underneath could be a study area or perhaps even a den for your child.

These work nicely in smaller bedrooms where space is limited. They can also be useful if your child likes to have friends over but there isn't space for an extra bed or spare room.

Cabin beds

Cabin beds are another great option for a child's room. They tend to be made from wood and raised off the ground. They might not be as high as a bunk bed but they still give loads of storage space in the area underneath.

There are some models with desks underneath, some with drawers for clothes and some that have bookshelves underneath. It's a great choice for smaller bedrooms or for children who have loads of toys!

Antique beds

These work beautifully in traditional or period homes. The style is perfectly in keeping with houses from all sorts of eras. If you're going for an antique bed then try and find one from the same period your house was built in. (Or at least the era you've decorated in.)

There are two main types of antique beds. Cast iron beds look great alongside exposed brickwork and simple colour schemes. Big carved oak antique beds look best with deep colours, other antiques and oak panelled walls.


A retro bed tends to have a more simple style that harks back to the 50s, 60s and 70s. You have so much choice here, from beds from that era, to reproductions. You might go for something colourful, or you might want to stick to a monochrome scheme, this all depends on your home décor.

A retro bed will work in a modern home as the simple lines and block colours will contrast really nicely with some contemporary design elements.

Queen size bed

If you have the space then why not go for the biggest bed available to you? A queen size bed is a real treat. You can either choose to snuggle up to your partner in the middle, or you could both have your own space. There's also plenty of room for the kids to climb in with you in the morning, or for a cat to sleep comfortably at the end!