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easyJet pushes on with mobile technology advances to enhance the passenger experience

29th April 2014 Print

easyJet, UK airline, has announced the launch of push notifications for users of the airline’s free, award winning app on iPhone.

The launch means that customers who opt to receive notifications will receive real time updates with information such as when online check-in for their flight is open, when travel documentation needs to be added to a booking or alerts which will keep them posted on the status of their flight.

Users will be able to access the app from the notification in just one swipe which will lead them straight to the page of the app that’s most relevant to them.

The notifications will also help to ensure more customers are aware of  easyJet’s Flight Tracker and provide direct access to the tool which is available via and the easyJet mobile apps. easyJet’s Flight Tracker launched in 2013 and provides users with up to the minute information on all flights in the easyJet network and instant information at their fingertips. It will now also be possible to receive push notifications which will lead users straight to the Flight Tracker when their flight is delayed by more than 15 minutes or a live update direct from easyJet’s control centre is posted.

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Group Commercial Director, Customer, Product and Marketing said: “The use of push notifications will transform the way that we communicate with our passengers. It’s yet another way in which easyJet is using technology to keep our passengers informed.

“We’ll be providing them with targeted messages and helpful reminders at various steps of their easyJet journey to make things even easier for them when they’re on the move. It’s all part of our plan to make travelling with easyJet as easy as it is affordable.”