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Your bed style makes the room

15th May 2014 Print

When decorating a bedroom the obvious thing people often forget to take into consideration is the bed itself. It has such a huge impact on the room, and that’s not even taking into account what goes on in and around it.

Let us open your eyes with some ideas on how to make your bed a true centerpiece for the room. Take a step back and consider what options you have next time you’re looking for a new bed or have a look and see what can be done to improve your current one. Keep these tips in mind when you’re painting the walls or laying down some new carpet.

The quickest and easiest way to change the styling of your bed is with linens – a simple change of bedding and throws is enough to change the flavour of the whole room. A good way to look at your bed is as another wall that can be ‘painted’: what would complement the rest of the room well? Of course the advantage with sheets is that nothing is permanent and that you can change these any time. Why not grab a set of patterned sheets and a set that’s a plain, complementary colour? That way you could have simple pillows to go alongside a quilt cover with bold patterns, bringing in some contrast to the bed. Don’t forget to tie in some extra throws and cushions too for a luxurious edge that’ll woo any visitors lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Looking beyond the linen, what about the actual bed frame itself? There’s a heated debate going on about whether divans or bedsteads are best for the bedroom on They both have their advantages, especially from a stylistic point of view. Divans, whose frame extends all the way to the floor on all sides are often chosen due to the fact they often have storage drawers underneath. If you’re torn, try to imagine how the room would feel with each kind of frame: bedsteads give an airier feeling to a room due to the open design and space underneath.

Take a minute to think about what material the frame will be, too. Metal bed frames are witnessing something of a comeback with ‘shabby chic’ being popular with many city goers, so while it may seem cold it could be an ideal choice for your room. Also, what about a headboard? This is another area where you’ll be spoilt for choice, whether you buy a bed with one included or purchase one later from ebay. This is another chance for you to really express yourself with your bed: maybe you’d be happy with just a wood or fabric one, or maybe a solid colour to go with your walls, maybe even a intricately decorated or carved one? It has the potential to really be the focal point of your room, along with the rest of your bed.