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Road trippin’ around Europe in your campervan? Tips to smooth the journey

5th December 2014 Print

What issues there are with space during a normal road trip almost entirely disappear when you have (or rent) a campervan. If you love exploring multiple destinations and burning rubber, there’s no better way to spend your hard-earned holidays than by touring around Europe in your very own motorhome. Depending on your route plan, you find could yourself anywhere, from the Scottish Highlands to sunny Italy. It’s amazing that couples don’t do it more! Or maybe that’s just the age-related stigma around campervans.

But you have decided to embark on your journey, so I hope you have a wonderful trip! Before you go, take into account the following tips that I learned, to help your journey run more smoothly.


Your packing will massively vary, depending on where you plan to visit and at what time of year you’re travelling. Of course, there will be the basics, like clothing and bedding (but you don’t need me to remind you of that), but there are other items that you need, which might have passed you by. Wet wipes are a godsend for all sorts of situations; especially after meals or if you’ve gotten your hands dirty horsing around outside! 

A torch with spare batteries is a must - you will be out in the dark a lot, and a torch will stop you from falling on your face and into a ditch. Remember, if you are travelling in winter, you can’t take enough warm items with you - I’d highly advise thermal underwear, layers, a wear-all-the-time jumper, and an extra layer of bedding. It can get pretty chilly on the road.


I can’t recommend enough the humble map. Of course, if you want to rely on satnavs, be my guest, but they do break, run out of battery, or simply get on your nerves. In-depth road maps will be there at all times to help you when you’re lost, or to find a landmark. It’s also fun to plot your journey as you go along. 


Wild camping, strictly speaking, isn’t entirely legal. However, you’ll often see campervans pulled up at the side of a road or next to a park. Police can ask you to move on, but generally speaking, you will get away with this. 

Wild camping will provide you with some of the most stunning nights on your journey, but it’s great to touch base with a campsite every other night for the “luxuries” that come with paying for a plot of land, such as toilets and hot showers. You may also be able to charge up your electric goods by using a power cable. Camping isn’t usually expensive, as long as you don’t choose premium sites.

Do Your Research

Every country has its road rules and norms. Be sure to swot up on the law of the land before you leave, and make sure that you will be able to access emergency motor services, such as the AA (or whoever your provider is!), if your campervan gives up the ghost.