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USA: The leading country for a road trip in the world

2nd June 2021 Print

Everyone loves road trips. The flexibility it gives you to travel by car and configure your schedule as you wish is perhaps its most significant advantage. But what is the country that allows you to enjoy the experience of a road trip to the fullest? Of course, it is America, but we will find out why they led us to this conclusion.

Cheap cars

In America, car rental prices can be highly economical compared to other countries. First of all, in most cases, it is not profitable to rent a small car. With the money that in Europe you can rent an economy car (Class B), you can rent a big SUV in America. Of course, you should not forget that the prices are not the same in all states and all seasons, but in general, car rental is cheaper. It is worth mentioning that at relatively economical prices, it can find great cars. It is easy, e.g., in Miami, to choose and rent a Cabrio Mustang if this is something that excites you as a travel experience. So if you are looking for the perfect car hire option in America, then Enjoy Travel is the solution. Fantastic rental cars of all types, at even more excellent prices.

Easy driving experience

A very positive thing is the ease of driving. Roads are big roads, signs are clear, and people are generally prudent while driving. You will not encounter cars in the middle of an intersection if a traffic light catches them and they do not have time to move on from it. For all traffic or moving violations, there are hefty fines, and drivers are conscientious. Also easy to drive also makes the fact that all cars are automatic. They are also equipped with many technologies that help the drivers themselves. Finally, a very positive thing that makes driving easier in the US is that the traffic lights are always on the opposite side and are clearly visible from everyone since they are above the entire width of the road.

Comfortable parking

You will realize for yourself that in America, there is space. You get the feeling that everything is big and comfortable. So in most cases, there is extensive parking with plenty of space, and you do not need to make any parking maneuvers. Of course, we are not talking about some big cities where things may be different in the center, but usually, there are wide roads, and there are parking spaces available everywhere. Indeed, some points have high prices, but there are other corresponding economic or free parking points. Restaurants, hotels, and other businesses offer free parking to their customers.

Accommodation made for road trip

Generally in America, the rooms are spacious, and their prices are very reasonable. Of course, the prices are related to the location and the season. Still, if you do a road trip, you usually stay out of cities, and because you're moving in your car, you can choose accommodation in a relatively large geographical area and thus achieve the best price. Usually, a standard room has two large double beds. And they are twice the size of their counterparts in Europe. Even the simplest motels have a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and the most important thing is that in most, you park right outside the room where you live, something that is very convenient.

Attractive destinations and beautiful scenery

The main reason you make such a trip by car is to see beautiful places. If there were no lovely places to go, all the reasons mentioned above would not matter. And in this area, America as a country is so great in variety and beautiful sights and landscapes that no matter how many road trips you try, you will always find something new, something unique. The list of all these enchanting destinations on the continent is truly endless.