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Motorhome laws post-Brexit

26th September 2022 Print

Travelling around Europe in a motorhome is a dream for many people. And for good reason: there are all sorts of iconic road trips and storied cities to visit. But since Brexit the rules have changed for commercial vehicles and holidaymakers. Below, we explore the relevant motorhome laws to consider post-Brexit. 

Passport and Green Card

From 2021, passports with less than six months remaining wouldn’t permit you into Europe. Before you embark on your motorhome trip around Europe, it’s essential that you update your passport. On top of this, if you’re driving in certain countries in Europe, you’ll need a green card as proof of insurance. You can check to see if you need one here

International driving permit

Some EU countries require an international driving permit for you to legally drive on their roads. These can be obtained over the counter at the post office if you discover that this is something you’ll need. 

Relevant documentation

There’s plenty of documentation you’ll need to organise before your trip too. A UK driving licence, travel insurance and a vehicle V5 logbook are all key. On top of this, your vehicle must be taxed and have an up-to-date MOT and motorhome insurance. By getting this documentation in order, your trip will run much more smoothly.

Registering vehicle

If you’re taking a motorhome into Europe, there’s a chance you’ll need to register the vehicle. For instance, non-commercial vehicles exceeding 3,500kgs need to be registered to travel through Europe. Registration fees are usually around £25. However, you will need to provide specific details such as your chassis number and your VIN. 

GB sticker

If you’re travelling through Europe with a British registration plate, you need a sticker denoting that you’re from Great Britain. There are a variety of different symbols and signifiers you can use to pass this regulation and you can see your options here. It’s important to remember that these stickers can only be placed on the bottom left of the vehicle. 

The Schengen Agreement

You should also consider how long you’re going to be travelling. The Schengen Agreement allows for freedom of movement between borders, with certain caveats. You cannot exceed 90 days, or you’ll have to apply for Visa waiver + have a valid Withdrawal Agreement document. Sorting out a Visa can be complex and should be something that you plan carefully in advance to make sure that your trips runs according to plan. 

Going on a motorhome holiday around Europe can make for the trip of a lifetime. And by following the guide above, you should be all set to plan the trip smoothly and make the most of your getaway.