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8 unconventional uses for vinyl gloves

27th May 2015 Print

The use of latex gloves is normally connected with the medical profession or food preparation and hygiene, but there are also some quite unusual uses as well. Here are some ideas.

1. Latex gloves for insulation

If it is mid-winter and your drive or pathways need the snow clearing away, then buying some latex gloves from Brosch Direct will stop your hands from getting wet. Just wear them under your usual woollen or leather gloves and you won’t have to worry about the wet.

2. Removing hair and fur

The Readers Digest website has some great ideas for the use of latex gloves. One of these is how to remove cat or pet fur from furniture or carpets. It’s not always easy to remove these annoying balls of fluff from the corners of a room. Just put on a pair of gloves and run your hand across your furniture or rugs.

3. Party fun

If you have lots of spare latex gloves and a child’s party is on the horizon, you could always have some fun by getting your kids to fill them with some coloured water. You can make sure they are safe by using food colouring. All you need to do is to freeze the gloves before the event and put plastic spiders inside. Once they have been removed from the freezer remove the glove and place in a bowl of juice or fruit punch.

4. Zombie hands

The BBC Liverpool website has some very unusual ideas on how to use latex gloves. One of these is to wash the gloves out, mix some jelly then allow the mixture to cool down. Once this is done pour into the glove and tie off the end. Place them into the fridge and once set remove the glove, place on a plate and you then have a strange table setting.

5. Messy kitchen jobs

Keeping some latex gloves in the kitchen cupboard will always be of use. You can use them for cleaning out the oven to preparing the chicken. This can help when it comes to cross contamination between various food stuffs and cuts down on the amount of times you’ll need to wash your hands.

6. Ice packs

Keeping a latex glove full of frozen water will always come in handy if you’re in your kitchen or garden and you burn yourself. All you have to do is fill the glove with water and store in your freezer; this will last a lot longer than a pack of peas and can be refrozen for future use.

7. Finger puppets

You can have lots of fun at a child’s party by letting them blow up some latex gloves. Once they have inflated them they can then use felt tipped pens to draw faces on them. You can guarantee they will have hours of fun – just make sure they’re supervised when blowing up the gloves.

8. Sorting out recyclables 

Everyone is encouraged to recycle their household goods and using gloves to carry out this task will help. Using latex gloves will prevent stale foods or chemicals from coming into contact with your hands. The number of uses for these gloves is endless so they are always worth having in stock.