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How to incorporate colour in the kitchen

19th October 2015 Print

The kitchen should be a place of creativity and fun, full of amazing smells, tastes and comforting warmth – even if all you can cook is an omelette and toast! So why do we insist on creating kitchens that are clinical to look at, with startlingly white cupboard doors, matching appliances and mismatching utensil pots and spice racks?

It’s so easy to incorporate colour into your kitchen, but first you need to choose the right one. Practically any colour can work in the kitchen (even black) and you can introduce a variety of shades of the same colour to tie it all in. 

Copper is a strong kitchen colour scheme and by simply incorporating coffee and tea canisters and a kettle in the colour you’ve introduced a new hue to your kitchen. Asda has some great styles stocked currently. Here are some more simple ways of incorporating more colour into your kitchen if you’ve been feeling a little uninspired in your cooking space:

Add accessories 

Simply picking up tea towels or kitchen utensils in a bright colour is an instant way of adding colour, you can opt for rainbow brights, subtle pastels or matching shades to complement any design. Bright accents are one of the easiest ways of introducing colour to the kitchen and don’t require any DIY work. 

Hang art prints 

Brightly coloured art prints adorning the walls will instantly add a touch of colour to your kitchen. Check out sites, such as etsy, for ‘one of a kind’ prints, featuring motivating slogans that will brighten up your home. 

Play around with contact paper

Get down to Hobbycraft and pick up some bold coloured contact paper to stick to your kitchen cabinets, to give them an instant face-lift. You could go the whole hog and cover the entire cupboard in a new design or you could introduce some bright graphics or prints to the kickboards lining the cabinets or on panels on the doors. Here’s a quick guide, with some great ideas to try out. 

Get the paint out 

A pot of paint, a brush and an afternoon of your time is all that is required to quickly incorporate some colour into your kitchen. Go for a classic feature wall and paint it a bold colour or paint above the splash back tiles to break up the space between the cupboards and the worktop below.

Pop up a splash back 

A brightly coloured, Perspex glass splash back can be placed on the wall to add some much needed colour to any kitchen. They’re much easier to put up than tiles and come in a huge range of colours. 

Swap out your white goods

Kitchen appliances come in a huge range of colours these days and you can pick up mint coloured fridges, bright red ovens and polka dot microwaves to add a splash of flair and individuality. 

If you’re still looking for inspiration then why not set up a new board on Pinterest or sign up for magazine subscriptions UK, where you can browse titles such as Living Etc or Ideal Home and enjoy even more clever ideas from the experts?