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What people are saying about Lull

17th October 2017 Print

Honesty is always the best policy, or so the saying goes, and Lull has really taken this message to heart. So much so that they’ve instituted a policy about their reviews around it – they will offer a full refund if, for whatever reason, a review about their product is not featured on their website. In their words, they believe that hiding customer feedback is just plain wrong, and the refund is a way of demonstrating their commitment to that philosophy.

Certainly, Lull should feel confident about their reviews. Around 95% of them are ranked at four out of five stars or higher, and they have collected quite a few reviews in their time. However, they’re not so proud as to ignore those reviews that come at less, and Lull states that they value all feedback however many stars it rewards.

This is just good practice. Hiding or ignoring customer reviews doesn’t make the problem go away, makes customers feel less valued, and encourages future customers to think you’re untrustworthy.

So, since implementing this refund policy, just how have the Lull mattress reviews fared? Are they maintaining their usual lofty standards? Or is the honesty of customers too brutal for comfort?


One customer, Michael L., commented that he was nervous about buying a mattress online, as it carries with it the unfortunate side effect of being unable to test it. Fortunately, Lull offers a 100-night test policy, whereby customers can try the bed out for one hundred nights first with the ability to have it returned free of charge if it was found wanting.

However, it seemed Michael’s gamble paid off, as he rated the mattress four out of the five stars and commented that the mattress was as comfortable as he’d hoped. So, it all worked out in the end!

“My Lower Back Pain is Almost Non-existent Now!”

David B. noted that it was not always easy to choose a mattress provider given the vast number of choices available online, but he decided to check Lull out and was evidentially pleased.

Suffering as he does from spinal injuries that make sleeping very uncomfortable if a mattress is poorly chosen, David has a very specific set of qualities to look for in a mattress. Fortunately, Lull’s memory-foam topped line was just what he was looking for, offering the ideal blend of softness and support that allowed David to sleep soundly.

So soundly, in fact, that he didn’t even realise just how uncomfortable his previous mattresses were. He also spoke glowingly of its customer service – after reporting a slight defect in his first mattress to the company, he was provided with a free replacement just a few days afterwards.

At five stars, we’re sure David won’t regret buying from Lull.

A Cool Night’s Sleep

Another five-star review came from Lisa B., who reported that sleeping on the mattress was made doubly comfortable by how cool and breathable the mattress was. Now Lisa sleeps better than ever before, and she thanks Lull for it.

Lisa also spoke glowingly of the fact that Lull does not require immediate upfront payment, and is happy for a mattress to be paid for in instalments. This should make getting a better night’s sleep that much easier for those on tighter budgets.

“Buying […] Online from Lull Was Incredibly Easy!”

Lisa C. was, admittedly, a little unimpressed by her mattress, finding it a little too soft. It made her miss her old mattress, however she did confess that while a bit over-soft it was still a good mattress that was comfortable to sleep on.

She was more impressed by how easy it was to buy the mattress from Lull in the first place.

Apparently showrooms, salesmen, and the difficulties of getting the mattress back were issues that put Lisa off buying mattresses in the past. However, Lull made the process much more streamlined by selling their mattresses online. With no middleman, buying a mattress was a lot less hassle. Lisa was also very much satisfied by the price she got for her new mattress, at a little over half of what she paid for her older one.

On balance, it convinced her to give Lull 4 stars.

“I Love My Lull Mattress!”

Rounding us off is Isiah M., who was gushing with praise for his new mattress bought from Lull. He found the set up after receiving the mattress very easy, and found it very comfortable.

While there were some backpains initially – Isiah attributed them to getting adjusted to the feel of his new mattress – they were gone within a few nights of sleeping on the mattress, and now Isiah sleeps better than ever. Every night leaves him feeling rested, and after giving Lull 5 stars highly recommends Lull to anyone looking for a new mattress.