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England rugby stars sleep for success

30th April 2008 Print
With the Six Nations tournament underway England’s rugby stars are deep in preparation. And with this year’s championship still very much in the balance, the players have revealed that they are utilising their NASA-developed mattresses to give them the competitive edge.

In today’s highly professional game, preparation is key. But the elite England team have gone one step further by employing space age TEMPUR Mattresses to ensure that they are fully rested, recovered, refreshed and energised before each game.

TEMPUR have provided the England Rugby Squad with unique temperature sensitive and pressure relieving mattresses and pillows, which have improved the players’ quality of sleep and sped up their recovery time after gruelling training sessions and tough matches. Current England Captain Phil Vickery is amongst their biggest fans, and comments: “My TEMPUR Mattress has made a significant and positive impact on my recovery from training and games.”

The England team consider sleep so vital to preparation and performance, that senior team fitness coach Calvin Morriss has encouraged every elite England player to sleep on a TEMPUR Pressure Relieving Mattress, in order to maximise their sleep quality and to help protect against neck, back and joint pains that can hinder performance.

Current England Lock, Steve Borthwick, knows about the importance of sleep, and says of TEMPUR: “Since sleeping on a TEMPUR Mattress I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the quality of sleep – I wake up refreshed and ready to train.”

Because the mattresses are made of a unique, proprietary, temperature sensitive material that conforms to and supports the individual user by evenly distributing bodyweight, players are able to sleep more deeply and for longer, ensuring they are fully refreshed every morning. And it was this technology that was originally developed by NASA to protect their astronauts against G-Forces on lift off and re-entry to the earth's atmosphere. Today TEMPUR is the only producer of mattresses and pillows worldwide to be endorsed by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

And if it is good enough for NASA, it is good enough for rising superstar Andrew Sheridan, dubbed ‘Rugby’s Strongest Man’. The heavyweight prop forward is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, and has been impressed with the positive effect TEMPUR has had on his game: “Using a TEMPUR Mattress gives me a more restful night’s sleep than any other mattress I have used.”

Senior coach Calvin Morriss is delighted with the results and the reactions he has seen from his players. Of the improvements he has witnessed since introducing the mattresses, he comments: “All the players in England’s Elite Player Squad have TEMPUR Pressure Relieving Mattresses at home. Not only do they sleep more deeply, more comfortably and for longer, but they also experience less aches and pains.”

The players are using a variety of products from the range, including TEMPUR Mattresses, Pillows, Travel Sets and Lumbar Supports to provide comfort and support whilst travelling as well as at home. TEMPUR Mattresses are priced from £675 and TEMPUR Pillows from £69.95. To order products from the TEMPUR range, visit