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Make your virtual life a reality with HTC

21st June 2010 Print

Ever wondered what it would be like to gather all your friends on Facebook together for a day? Hard to imagine - but to celebrate the launch of new smartphone, HTC Wildfire, that’s exactly what HTC is offering with the HTC Wildfire Experience.

The HTC Wildfire Experience has been created to bring to life the features of the phone - in the physical world. Designed to keep friends close, the HTC Wildfire brings all their important information together in one place in one easy-to-read stream – whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or Flickr updates and photos or text and email history. Now, with the HTC Wildfire Experience, people are being given the opportunity to live the dream of physically bringing together their virtual friends in one place, for a day, for a one-off event of their choice*.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends(1) spread across the globe, thanks to their time at school, university, work and travels. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many people have friends who they have not seen for years. And even finding the time to see the friends who live nearby can be a challenge, especially when they have so many different groups of friends to split their time between.

This could all change thanks to the HTC Wildfire Experience. Visitors to the HTC UK Facebook page will be asked the following question: “If you could gather all of your friends on Facebook together in the same place for a day – what would you do?” The most inspiring entry will be chosen by a panel of HTC representatives and the dream will be made a reality!

"So whether the idea is to challenge the world’s strongest man to a game of tug of war, or to work together to build the world’s biggest sandcastle, the winner will have all of their friends gathered together in one place for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Florian Seiche, VP Europe commented, “At HTC we believe the best things in life are experienced, not explained, and that's why we have decided to bring the features of our new handset to life through the HTC Wildfire experience. To celebrate the launch of HTC Wildfire, we'll arrange for one lucky Facebook user and all of their friends to come together, in the real world, for a once in a lifetime event.”

To launch the initiative, HTC brought together 150 friends on Facebook for a medieval banquet at the Tower of London. The day proved to be the perfect way for a group of friends, many of whom had not seen each other in a long time, to catch up and strengthen bonds. The event was filmed, so make sure you take a look and see just how much fun you could be having.

To join the HTC Wildfire experience, check out the HTC Facebook page at for details on how to enter, terms and conditions, and a host of inspirations for your own idea.

*Terms and conditions apply – please refer to Facebook page.