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Eco showerhead cuts hot water bills by up to 40%

12th May 2011 Print

Ecocamel has launched JetStorm – the most advanced eco showerhead on the market set to save UK households hundreds of thousands of pounds on hot water bills while cutting water, energy and carbon use.

With its sleek and stylish design, JetStorm provides the same powerful shower experience as a full flow shower, but uses significantly less water and energy. On average, JetStorm can save a typical family £240 on bills each year and a staggering 56,000 litres of water*. Over the seven year lifespan of an average showerhead, this would equate to a massive £1,680 saving.

The JetStorm, developed by UK firm Ecocamel, is the only showerhead to use patented Twin Injet technology, to allow you to go green and save money without compromising on the quality or performance of your shower.

By injecting air into the water stream through a small inlet at the base of the handle, water and air travels at high speed to maintain (or increase) the power of a conventional shower, but using 45% less water. This creates an invigorating spa shower sensation where the water droplets burst easily onto the skin and soak you more efficiently without splashing and wasting water. Using less water means you automatically use less energy to heat it – so you can help save the environment, whilst substantially cutting your bills in the process.

Comments Ecocamel director Ofir Neuman: “The JetStorm showerhead simply proves our ethos that ‘green does not have mean less.’ We have spent years creating a cutting edge showerhead that not only provides the best cost and eco savings for your home, it is also a stylish model that can be easily adapted to suit the latest bathroom trends. JetStorm delivers an unrivalled, refreshing shower experience that means you can be cleaner, greener and better off. It is a triumph of British design!”

The streamlined design of the JetStorm features a large faceplate for an even shower spray, wipe clean rubber nodules to prevent the build up of limescale and coloured trims to add style to any shower room. The showerhead will fit any standard shower hose and will work with most electric showers too. It is also easy to install – simply unscrew your old showerhead and replace it with the JetStorm!

JetStorm costs £49.95 and payback periods are typically just three months! It is available to buy from Ecocamel:

* Test results based on a family of four taking a daily seven-minute shower (Independent testing conducted at Liverpool John Moores University)

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