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Granite Transformations launch new Trend Prestige designs

17th May 2011 Print
Fire Beige Kitchen

New from local kitchen worktops and bathroom finishes showroom, Granite Transformations, are three innovative Trend Prestige designs, the only agglomerate or engineered stone products in the world to feature a veining pattern running through the surface. 

Many interior designers and householders favour the extra dimension that veining gives to natural stone, so now this aesthetic effect is available on surfaces that are fully heat, scratch and stain resistant, lightweight and virtually maintenance-free, in designs that interpret rather than simply mimic nature.

Also new are two new Trend Q metallic tones, made with material normally used in computer chips, and three additions to the best-selling Trend R Italian granite range, reflecting this season's fashionable earthen and desert tones. As with all Granite Transformations' products, these eight new designs are covered by a lifetime warranty and can be installed over existing kitchen and bathroom surfaces, eliminating messy demolition and minimising disruption.

The 2011 Trend Prestige collection introduces three new colours, each with a unique veining effect fashioned from contrasting material. Nero Marquis is a midnight black quartz surface, enlivened with a subtle spider's web of silver, grey and white strands, created using recycled glass. Cape Cod Green is a cool misty green veined with brilliant copper, dusky brown and grey, a look that's achieved with aventurina glass embedded with crystals of semi-precious metal. While the fragments of fiery red and soft brown that float across Fire Beige are made from natural Italian granite. There is no price premium for the Prestige collection, although extra material may be required for matching the veining pattern as it cascades over the edge strip.

Uniquely, the metallic highlights on the two new Trend Q colours are both produced using semi-precious metals more commonly employed in the production of computer chips. Dark Steel is a deep, steel grey with flecks of silver, ideal for white cabinetry or those preferring darker tones. For those wanting a hint of blue in the kitchen or bathroom, Blue Steel has bluish-grey undertones and flecks of metallic blue. Trend Q surfaces are manufactured from 95 per cent Italian quartz and a specially-formulated polyester, then cast into 3m long x 1.25m wide slimline, flexible slabs that comfortably outperform natural stone.

Granite Transformations' Trend R series is manufactured similarly from Italian granite, delivering the authentic look and feel of the natural material, combined with superior strength and technical properties. In the new Walker Gold granite surface, golden browns, coffee and shades of grey mingle together to form a rich mix of earthen colours and textures. Mocha Real continues this theme with a jumble of copper, chocolatey brown, black and grey, for those who love rich colours. Whereas King Ivory goes to the other end of the brown spectrum, with cream, grey and copper tones set against desert sand.

Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor living spaces and commercial settings, these surfaces are available exclusively from Granite Transformations showrooms and are installed by factory-trained fitters, usually within one or two days. Prices are from £320 ex VAT per square metre, fully fitted, or £192 per linear metre on a 600mm width.

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Fire Beige Kitchen