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Methven unveils Kaha Satinjet premium showers

27th May 2011 Print
Methven Kaha Satinjet Shower Kit

Methven – the global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware – has launched five Kaha Satinjet showers in the UK and Europe, each with award-winning, twin-jet technology and a distinctive New Zealand design.

The new Kaha Satinjet showers exhibit classic forms updated with modern design accents. Refined styling and subtle features make Kaha a versatile choice for the discerning.

Suitable for all water pressures, the 9 litres/minute Methven Kaha Satinjet showers feature a two-function showerhead with easy-to-clean coated faceplate offering a choice between the Satinjet body shower and the massage spray, which is controlled at the push of a button. Easy to fit, maintain and clean, Methven Kaha Satinjet showers are safe for everyone to use and simple to operate. The contemporary, smooth-style hose is fitted with swivel ends to minimise twisting.

Created for optimum performance, with a superior end-user experience in mind, Methven Kaha Satinjet showers use twin-jets of water that collide – designed to produce thousands of tiny droplets that feel soft enough for your face, yet invigorating enough for your entire body. Satinjet technology allows you to shower at lower water flows of 9 litres/minute without compromising on a luxurious shower.

Compared to a conventional shower running on average at 20 litres/minute, a Satinjet shower using 9 litres/minute can save up to 55% on water and energy consumption* while still providing a wonderful sensory experience.

Designs include Kaha Satinjet Shower Kit, Kaha Satinjet Handset and Hose with Wall-Mounted bracket, Kaha Satinjet Showerhead with Wall-Mounted Arm, Kaha Satinjet Showerhead and Kaha Satinjet Handset and Hose.

Complementary Kaha Thermostatic Mixer valves and Kaha Tapware complete the Kaha Collection. Kaha Thermostatic Mixer Valves include a vertical design with two controls for one outlet and a vertical design with three controls for two outlets. The seven Kaha Tapware designs combine soft curves and crisp edges to create a timeless design style. Rounded, tapering lines finish soft, slightly organic shapes.

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*The example above illustrates savings that can be achieved with a Methven Satinjet 9 litres/minute flow rate when compared to a 20 litres/minute flow rate shower. Water flows vary across the UK. Not all homes are on high pressure with many being on low pressure which will produce lower flow rates. The savings indicated apply only to the example given of a shower flowing at 20 litres/minute on high pressure and are for the water heating portion of the power useage only. Savings related to water consumption are subject to the water supply being metered.

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Methven Kaha Satinjet Shower Kit