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Antisocial behaviour gets the boot at Gibraltar’s Ocean Village

30th September 2011 Print

In a mutual commitment to keep Ocean Village a safe and pleasant environment, key resort licensees have gathered together to launch ‘Pubwatch’. At its simplest, the scheme allows for strong links between the premises to help combat minority bad behaviour for the benefit of all.

Pubwatch spokesperson Ros Astengo explains, “Although Gibraltar is well-known as having a low crime rate, inevitably there’s the odd alcohol-fuelled character intent on spoiling an evening. Pubwatch will act as a deterrent to these individuals and send out a clear message that Ocean Village has zero tolerance of drugs, violence, vandalism, excessive noise and other antisocial conduct. Ocean Village Pubwatch is a positive approach, in full cooperation with the Royal Gibraltar Police, and is already showing signs of being a success. We hope to build on this to stamp out anti-social behaviour altogether”.

Founding members Savannah Lounge, O’Reilly’s Irish Pub, Harley’s, Celebrity Wine Bar, Gala Casino and Ocean Village itself, have gathered together to lay down Pubwatch rules. These start from a simple asking of proof of age if customers appear to be under the age of 21 to immediately reporting anyone found in the possession of drugs to the police. At the heart of Pubwatch is one very clear policy – if you’re banned from one premises, you’re collectively barred from them all.

Police Commissioner Louis Wink who was present at this week’s launch said, “It’s very much welcomed. Anything to do with partnerships to prevent disorderly behaviour or drunkenness or wanton damage in areas where people go about to have fun is welcome.”

High vis jackets clearly marked with Ocean Village Security will be worn by the patrol team to both bring a sense of safety to all who visit the resort and also set a deterrent to those who may have thought of causing a nuisance through vandalism, fighting or drug or drink abuse.

Many Pubwatch schemes are in operation across the UK and have proven success rates. Statistics show a significant decrease in violent offenders in premises where Pubwatch is in operation and people are encouraged to drink responsibly and know their limits. It is hoped that several of Gibraltar’s other nightspots such as popular Casemates will follow Ocean Village’s lead and set up their own Pubwatch schemes so barred troublemakers can’t simply take their disruptive behaviour elsewhere.

For further information on the Ocean Village Pubwatch Scheme please email ros.astengo[at]

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