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Fractional ownership programme for American RVs

27th October 2011 Print

Stingray RV, Europe’s largest American motorhome dealer and Your Time Leisure have joined forces to offer an industry-leading package that offers the opportunity to own a share in both new and used American RV’s.

Recognising a real void in the market, a strategic partnership has been formed with Stingray RV, who bring the supply, logistics and maintenance to the table, and Your Time Leisure who offer marketing and contractual experience to this unique partnership.

If you have ever considered American RV ownership and have been put off by the costs, then this is a solution you should consider. Shares are available in 25% blocks which allows up to four parties per vehicle, who can benefit from the innovative scheme. Unlike timeshare, individuals or companies actually own their share which gives them a return on the expiration of the plan which is three to five years.

There is also the opportunity to receive income from Stingray RV from their unique ‘Rent-Back’ system, if you want them to rent your motorhome out while you are not using it.

Your Time Leisure commented, “In the current financial climate, our proposition is a sensible alternative to outright ownership, where our clients reduce capital outlay, running costs and depreciation. We understand the hassles and added costs that come with outright ownership so with Your Time RV, services like storage, insurance, cleaning, repairs, maintenance and more are all part of the program - You never actually have to lift a finger except to carry your suitcase on board, if this is the service you require”.

All plans are managed by Stingray RV so there is total peace of mind. The exact details of each plan are unique to the syndicate but would normally include storage, maintenance and delivery of the RV to your chosen location. Owners can enjoy up to 3 x months use per annum with each 25% share. Some schemes are available with a guaranteed and underwritten income plan, should the syndicate owners decide to opt for the additional revenue stream offer.

Simon Leith of Stingray RV said, “Your Time Leisure have a wealth of experience in shared ownership schemes, so for the two companies to join forces and offer this to RVers was a really simple decision. It will obviously make RV ownership easier and cheaper, and we will also be offering the scheme to our European partners in France, Holland, Germany and Sweden.”

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