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Top 5 tips for choosing the right bed this National Bed Month

17th February 2012 Print
Koh I Noor

March is National Bed Month – an entire month dedicated to celebrating the most important piece of furniture in the home.

Below, Britain's luxury bed expert Brent Cooper – MD of Marshall & Stewart and former Hästens sleep expert, shares his top tips for buying the right bed to provide quality, restorative sleep – every night.

“A restful night of quality sleep is vital for good health. Give it the attention it deserves. Grumpiness, irritability, short temper and short term memory loss are all symptoms of sleep deprivation. If you want to work well, enjoy good relationships with your loved-ones and work colleagues then improve your sleep quality.”

Brent Cooper, Marshall & Stewart bed expert

1 A bed must be supportive but that does not mean it has to be hard. Hard beds are not good for you, but good support is crucial. Firm beds are for heavy people - the heavier a person is, the firmer the springs need to be.

2 Size matters! Always buy the biggest bed your room will take – the more space you have the less disturbed you are when your partner moves. Length is important – your bed should be at least 6” longer then you are tall.

3 If possible opt for a bed with natural fillings, beds made from foam, latex and memory foam offer superb support but they struggle to regulate your body temperature, this can lead to disturbed sleep.

Beds with natural fillings are best – horse hair, wool and cotton ventilate and cope with body moisture effectively, offering luxurious comfort.

4 Slatted bases and storage divans are not as luxurious as a mattress and sprung divan. Don’t sacrifice aesthetics for good support; your sleep quality will be compromised.

5 There's help at hand – the best bed brands provide bed consultations with experts who will ensure the correct bed style and support system is selected.

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Koh I Noor