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Car insurance premiums fall again

There was good news for motorists as the average quoted premium for a typical annual comprehensive car insurance policy fell over the first three months of the year.

Relief for motorists as insurance prices remain static

Comprehensive car insurance premiums have held steady during the first quarter of 2015, according to the latest Car Insurance Price Index in association with Towers Watson.

HPI adds MOT and tax data to trade HPI checks

HPI adds MOT and tax data to trade HPI checks

Automotive technology solutions provider, HPI, is bringing dealers a new level of insight into the potential cost of vehicle acquisition and resale, with the addition of MOT and Tax information to its vehicle provenance and mileage verification services for the motor trade.

The Co-operative Insurance saves young drivers £7.2m in their first year

The UK’s first major insurer to reward 17-24 year-olds for responsible driving, The Co-operative Insurance, has saved its young drivers more than £7.2 million in their first year of driving since launching the scheme in March 2011.

Halifax puts customers in driving seat with Halifax Car Plan Extra - secured online car finance

Halifax becomes first bank to launch secured online car finance in the UK, Halifax Car Plan Extra, exclusively to eligible online banking customers.

Missed flight is breaking bad, say AA members

Conking out on the way to the airport is the most stressful breakdown scenario, reports the AA, which has updated its popular AA app to let you track the approaching patrol.

UK motorists overcharged as insurers play auto-renewal tricks

UK motorists are wasting £1.3 billion each year by staying loyal and allowing their car insurance to automatically renew, at the price of their insurer’s choosing.

Halifax offers extra to customers who buy their next car with a Clarity Loan

Marking the one year anniversary of the launch of the Halifax Clarity Loan, customers taking out a Halifax Clarity Loan to buy their next car will be given 12 free car washes, a free MOT and 20% off a service.

True Brits top list of classic cars covered

True Brits top list of classic cars covered

Classic vehicle insurer, Ageas Insurance Limited, has unveiled the top ten classic cars it covers through Optima Classic Car, its specialist policy sold via brokers, created for enthusiasts and owners of cherished vehicles.

1 in 4 parents of young drivers are ‘fronting’ their car insurance policies

A quarter of parents of young drivers are ‘fronting’ a car insurance policy for their child in order to save them money.

Branning’s car clocking con could get him banged-up

HPI, the provider of the HPI Check, is warning used car buyers to beware of fraudsters, turning back the clock on a vehicle’s mileage as highlighted in the current EastEnders storyline. Motor dealer Max Branning and car mechanic, Ben Mitchell have struck a deal to ‘clock’ cars that Max is currently selling from the used car lot ‘Deals on Wheels’.

Car insurance rises falter

Average quoted car insurance premiums have risen by just £1 over the last three months of 2014, according to the latest AA British Insurance Premium Index.

Nearly half of consumers didn’t switch any of the 10 most popular financial and household utility products in 2014

Loyal consumers could be wasting billions of pounds by sticking with the same financial services and household utilities providers year after year.

One in seven heading for a breakdown this winter may be left out in the cold

One in seven heading for a breakdown this winter may be left out in the cold

One in seven motorists risk becoming stranded in freezing temperatures this winter according to a survey commissioned by Halifax Car Insurance.

Co-op updates young driver insurance to accelerate safer driving skills

In a first for the Insurance industry, The Co-operative Insurance has partnered with e-merge safer drivers to pilot a series of educational modules for customers holding a Young Driver Insurance policy.