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Scrappage Scheme

Quick decision by Ford's 30,000th scrappage customer

Quick decision by Ford's 30,000th scrappage customer

Quick Electrical Services have ordered Ford's 30,000th scrappage vehicle – a new Ford Transit – and are among 1,100 customers who have bought Ford commercial vehicles on the scheme.

Use WhatGreenCar when you scrap your banger

Rolled out in May this year by Lord Mandelson, the Car Scrappage Scheme has proved a massive success in the UK with over 227,000 new cars on order or sold since launch.

Classic car enthusiasts urged to put a stop to scrappage scheme

Britain’s classic car population is under threat – that’s the view of the Classic Motor Show - and the organisers are urging all classic car enthusiasts to use this year’s show as a chance to come together to find a way to stop classic cars becoming victims of the Scrappage Scheme.

Increase in Micra production

Increase in Micra production

Nissan’s Sunderland Plant is feeling the benefits of the UK scrappage scheme with a 40% increase in Micra production.

Has the consumer lost out in the scrappage deals?

Used Car Expert’s latest magazine hits the shelves this week and questions whether the scrappage scheme has been universally good news for consumers.

Journalists embrace scrappage press fleet challenge

Journalists embrace scrappage press fleet challenge

As leaders in scrappage sales, Hyundai wanted to give journalists a taste of what it's like to drive an old car day-in, day out.

Extended scrappage scheme goes live

From today (October 22) the new terms of the Government's scrappage scheme come into force providing an extra boost to the car industry and consumers.

September sales rise thanks to scrappage

‘Car sales figures confirm the third consecutive monthly increase in registrations, largely due to the vehicle scrappage scheme.

Scrappage spurs September new car sales

The momentum for new car sales under the scrappage incentive scheme has continued in September, according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).