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Mobile offices - e-mail dominates landline in office communications

One in four British adults are too nervous to use the telephone, according to new research. The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 office workers, and shows 28% avoid picking up the phone at all costs.

Improve motivation, productivity and performance

Companies all over the world spend millions on trying to improve productivity in the office. If employees don’t feel comfortable in their work environment, they work suffers, and ultimately so will the company.

5 work-from-home business ideas

Sick of the nine-to-five daily grind? Or are you unemployed and struggling to find paid work? Do not despair, as there is nothing stopping many people from becoming their own boss and working from home.

Top tips for setting up the perfect home office

So you’ve decided to work from home? No matter what you’re working on, you’ll need the right environment to keep you focused and productive. So let’s go office shopping!

Surrey is the country's top home office hotspot

A new analysis of home enterprise places the district of Surrey as the primary 'hotspot' for home offices amongst the 174 Principal Authority areas in England & Wales. Smart Growth Analytics' findings demonstrate the economic importance of home offices in regional economies across the country.

New multi-functional water dispenser for UK homes

New multi-functional water dispenser for UK homes

Statistics reveal that more than 5.5 million people in the UK are now working from home, a rise of 13 percent in less than a decade.

Beaches, boats and barns - UK offices get creative

A recent survey of Orange small and medium business customers has revealed more business owners working from locations better suited to their lifestyle.

Death of the garage

Garages are being repurposed for 21st century living as cars give way to studies, utility rooms and extra bedrooms. Indeed according to the latest report from Santander Mortgages more than one in ten (1.1 million) British garage owners have converted or plan to convert their garage space.

Back-up, store and share files across a home or office network

Back-up, store and share files across a home or office network

Plextor have announced the launch of the PX-NAS2 which facilitates data back-up and storage as well as file sharing and streaming to other devices across a home or small office network.

Optimum set to turn heads

Optimum set to turn heads

Optimum International is set to revolve AV furniture with the launch of its new Valera range designed by acclaimed US design studio BDI.

The sunny side of banking

The sunny side of banking

Specialist window film printer DigiGlass has completed its latest window graphic installation featuring giant sunflowers at the main branch of Isle of Man Bank (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group of companies).

Style, function and flexibility for the home office

Style, function and flexibility for the home office

Optimum International has released its brand new office furniture range from US design studio BDI.

SMEs swap overseas travel for online communication

The UK economy is slowly emerging from the recession. Budget cuts, time constraints and environmental concerns have nevertheless led a quarter of UK SMEs to swap overseas business travel with alternative means of communication, according to an independent survey commissioned by Skype.

Wireless broadband open to hijackers

Almost half (47 per cent) of home broadband users now have wireless internet access, yet a significant number of people are leaving themselves vulnerable to broadband hijackers according to research from leading comparison site

Tips for a successful Virtual Office

With many start-up entrepreneurs and corporate entities considering the benefits of establishing a virtual office to enable them to attract quality business and staff, the Virtual Office Group in Piccadilly has compiled a comprehensive list of useful tips to facilitate the decision-making process.