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Simulation reveals impact of poor vision on driving

Eyesight is a key factor in safe driving yet is often overlooked as new analysis from Direct Line Car Insurance reveals that the equivalent of nearly a person a day (345) is injured in a crash involving a driver with uncorrected or defective eyesightand 64 people were killed or seriously injured in 2015 alone.

Student Travelling: What’s the best way to get around?

So you’ve moved to a new city. Chances are you’ve already found your way to the local pub and around campus – but soon you’ll need to start scoping it out so that you can take full advantage of the city you’re going to call home for the next three years (or more!)

Reliable cars for first time buyers

It can be rough for young drivers. As if your first few years on the road weren’t intimidating enough, you’re also dealing with what might be the highest insurance premiums of your life at just the point when you’re making the least money.

Nine out of ten men believe an expensive car makes them more attractive

89 per cent of UK men believe a flashy car helps them score, putting this in the top two ways to impress a lady, according to a new survey.

Enjoy unparalleled freedom with wheelchair accessible cars

For those that are wheelchair bound, or those caring for somebody in a wheelchair, you will be more than aware how stressful planning a trip out can be.

Essential advice for taxi drivers when buying a new car

Most people struggle to find a car that’s comfortable enough for their daily commute, constantly wondering whether the car will be robust enough, strong enough or economical enough to handle their needs.

Driven to distraction by per passengers

With National Pet Month now upon us, pet owners can be forgiven for wanting to keep their four-legged friends close at all times – even when driving.

Easter bunny brings easier commute for Brits

For Brits who commute by road to work, conversations in the office can be a mix of complaints, moans, and discussions about the state of the traffic on the roads.

8 of top 10 new car models now cost at least £250 extra if ordered in white

Whilst white used to be a free colour choice from manufacturers, figures from cap hpi reveal that eight out of the top 10 new car models ordered in 2015 added an extra premium of at least £250 to go a whiter shade of pale.

Bagging a February new car bargain? Beware of private sale pitfalls!

February can be a good month to bag a bargain on a new car, as dealers are keen to get rid of excess stock ahead of the March registration plate changes.

The benefits of 4WD

The benefits of 4WD

4WD stands, of course, for Four Wheel Drive. There are lots of options to choose from with this type of car, and whether you want a pick-up truck or a Jeep-style vehicle – or just a more “normal” looking car – you will find a 4WD option available.

Diesel drops to lowest price in six years and petrol drops for fifth month in a row

November was a landmark month for the UK fuel market with both the lowest average pump price for diesel in six years as oil tumbled to $40.40 – the lowest barrel price since February 2009 – and the first widespread sight of petrol being sold for under £1 a litre again.

Are you being compliant? 10 road safety regulations you need to take notice of

The spine of your vehicle fleet driving policy should be formed of the essential legal requirements, ranging from health and safety regulations to in-vehicle smoking laws.

1 in 10 motorists aren’t confident enough to perform any basic car maintenance tasks

As research reveals that nearly one in ten drivers don’t know how to perform basic car maintenance checks, is warning drivers that poor car care can be an expensive or illegal mistake which could even invalidate your insurance.

World record-breaking top tips for fuel efficient driving

While the price of petrol and diesel is currently around 15p a litre cheaper than a year ago, the RAC is reminding motorists that driving in a fuel efficient way can still prove very beneficial for the pocket.