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Car Check

HPI help dealers comply with new OFT guidelines

UK consumers buy 3.6 million used cars from dealers a year, spending £24 billion but lose an estimated £85 million per year in connection with used car buying issues, including clocking and disclosing vehicle histories.

Is your next used car purchase a World Cup winner?

As World Cup fever gathers pace, leading vehicle information expert HPI has matched iconic cars to the national teams leading the challenge from Europe in this year’s World Cup, and analysed both to look for their top weaknesses.

Don't be fooled by a car clone

Vehicle data expert HPI played a key role in helping Lancashire Police's Stolen Vehicle Squad arrest a gang of vehicle thieves, operating in Preston.

Used car buyers urged to conduct history check

As part of its support for Car Crime Awareness week, HPI joins the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) in urging used car buyers to protect themselves from buying a vehicle that’s on outstanding finance.

1,300 car cloning cases are ‘tip of the iceberg’

As Car Crime Awareness Week (17-23 May) gets underway, police car crime experts are warning that many thousands of ‘cloned’ cars are still being sold illegally, to genuine buyers, who then stand to lose both their new car and the money they paid for it.

BBC’s Watchdog focuses on clocking

Leading vehicle information expert, HPI joined forces with BBC Watchdog journalists to help uncover a clocking scam, which was making a fraudster posing as Ashley Singh and his brother thousands of pounds per sale.

100,000 crashed cars a year return to the road

The number of crashed cars being put back on the road has increased by over 10% in the last two years, with more than 100,000 written-off vehicles hitting the streets last year alone, as people strive for cheaper motoring.

Used car buyers urged to be vigilant

With fresh headlines from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) hitting the news on used car buyers, leading vehicle information expert, HPI, is warning buyers to be vigilant when purchasing from a dealer or a member of the public.

Don’t be a victim of car theft

The ever present threat of vehicle theft remains a real danger to dealers, with analysis from HPI revealing that 4x4s and compact executive-style vehicles are most at threat from being stolen.

Car criminal comes a cropper, thanks to HPI and a savvy car buyer

Just days ago, HPI joined forces with the Association of Chief Police Offices to return the spotlight on stolen log books (V5) which continue to circulate, making car cloning rich pickings for the unscrupulous – see below story.

Dealers benefit from green labelling

HPI is bringing to dealers its newly updated CO2 Certificate in line with the revised car fuel economy label as recommended by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).

Recession sees increase in used car finance fraud

As the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) reports an increase in people fraudulently selling cars they do not own – otherwise known as conversion fraud - HPI is warning car buyers that if they purchase a vehicle on outstanding finance, they stand to lose both the car and the money they paid for it.

HPI CrushWatch saves over £100,000 worth of vehicles

With 1 in 8 cars seized by police because of tax or insurance evasion recorded as having outstanding finance against it, HPI’s CrushWatch is helping finance companies protect their assets by reclaiming vehicles before they get crushed.

No getaway for caravan criminals

A major crime operation which contributed to a significant number of caravan thefts in the last three years has been disbanded following the prosecution of a gang of four travellers.

Avoid a Cut ‘n’ Shut with HPI Check

Emmerdale’s business savvy Nikhil got a nasty surprise, when village car mechanic and garage owner Debbie Dingle revealed that his latest car purchase is a ‘cut ‘n’ shut’.