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Correct wheel alignment could reduce fuel costs

Research by Micheldever/Protyre, UK independent wholesaler and retailer of tyres, has indicated that tyre/wheel misalignment could cost UK motorists up to £100 million in additional fuel costs alone.

Don’t take undue risks on used car deals to avoid VAT

The New Year has brought with it the dreaded rise in VAT from 17.5% to 20%, which means those planning a major purchase – such as used car buyers – could be tempted to look for ways to avoid a bumper price tag.

All I want for Christmas is a Ferrari

All I want for Christmas is a Ferrari

Christmas is well known as the season of giving, and for a lucky few in the UK, Santa will be delivering their gift to the garage or driveway. But as generous loved ones play their role in the season of goodwill and look for that used car Christmas bargain, vehicle information expert HPI is warning them to avoid last-minute panic buying, and be on their guard from fraudsters ready to take advantage of the festive spirit.

Used car buying - it’s all in the timing

Some purchases are naturally seasonal: the bikini = summer; the scarf and woolly hat = winter. Shoppers looking for bargains will wait to the end of each season and then buy in the sales, taking advantage of the seasonal drop in demand. With this in mind, HPI urges buyers to use seasonality to their advantage when it comes to buying a used car. Clever buyers can save thousands of pounds on the asking price.

600,000 clocked cars on UK roads

More than 600,000 cars on Britain’s roads have been clocked so they show lower mileages, increasing their value when then offered for sale, according to figures published by the BBC.

Don’t give car theives an easy ride this winter

The husband of Vice Chairman of West Ham United FC and Apprentice star Karren Brady had his luxury Mercedes stolen after he left it running to clear ice from the windscreen. Paul Peschisolido's £30,000 car was sitting outside the West Midlands home he shares with Brady when two opportunist thieves stole the vehicle and smashed through the gates to their home.

Protect yourself from used car scammers

With rising numbers of used car buyers being duped by ads for vehicles that don’t exist, and sellers targeted by fraudulent buyers who have no intention of paying for a vehicle, both buyers and sellers both need to be on the look out for scams that could leave them seriously out of pocket. Exchange and Mart invests in security measures to protect anyone buying or selling used vehicles on its site, but reminds people to be on their guard and take some simple precautions.

Beware the innocent fraudster

Vehicle information expert, HPI, reports finance related issues were one of the biggest cause for claims against the HPI Guarantee in 2009.

Uncovering the hidden history of used cars for sale

Strengthening its arsenal once again against unscrupulous used car sellers, Exchange and Mart has teamed up with Experian to give buyers the fullest possible history, past and present, of a car they are looking to buy.

Don’t get stung by an insurance write-off

Vehicle information expert HPI, is joining the BBC’s Watchdog team in urging used car buyers to protect themselves against the threat of purchasing a potential death trap.

HPI offers 25% discount on car history checks

Leading vehicle history check provider HPI is reminding used car buyers to remain aware of the potential dangers when purchasing a used car, as statistics show 1 in 3 vehicles checked by HPI has a hidden history.

Make sure your dream car is a safe car

Leading vehicle information expert HPI, is warning used car buyers about the potential number of Category B insurance write-offs being dangerously repaired and returned to UK roads for sale rising.

Beware the used car bargain

Preparing to start at a new university can be a hectic time. For some, it will be their first experience living away from home and so they will be looking for that vital tool in starting to live independently – a car. HPI is advising those students buying a used vehicle for the start of term to be cautious and not rush into any purchase – no matter how cheap – as they could end up buying more then they bargained for.

The Midlands revealed as stolen vehicle hotspot

HPI warns used car dealers to be aware of the dangers of buying a stolen vehicle, as it reveals nearly 31 stolen vehicles are uncovered by HPI Checks every day, making this a very real threat for the industry.

How to spot a car clone

HPI is supporting the DVLA’s launch of the new-look V5C document and its ‘Buyer Beware’ initiative in the effort to fight car fraud.