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Used car buying myths exposed

When it comes to buying a used car it can be confusing for consumers to determine between fact and fiction. HPI sheds some light on a few of the most common car buying myths, offering practical advice on how to deal with them.

Check a car bargain before you buy

In the run up to the AVCIS Car Crime Awareness Week (13th – 17th June), used vehicle information expert HPI is urging car buyers to remain vigilant at all times and highlights the potential dangers of buying a used vehicle.

Car VAT crime crackdown

Consultation on a new online system to stop criminals evading VAT on road vehicles they bring into the UK has been launched by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The ‘legitimate’ clocker

In today’s modern consumer marketplace, most buyers would consider themselves savvy to the tricks con-merchants use to pull the wool over their eyes. However, even the most confident buyer is powerless against a practically untraceable, and perfectly legal, activity.

Mazda Digital Service Record stops the clocks turning back

Mazda Digital Service Record stops the clocks turning back

With fresh evidence from HPI, the vehicle information experts, revealing that up to 1-in-17 cars undergoing an MOT have had their mileage altered – or ‘clocked’ – Mazda’s DSR system provides a valuable, independent and accurate reference mechanism through servicing records.

How to clock a clocked car

Following HPI’s recent announcement that one in 17 cars have been clocked in the UK,, the UK’s fastest growing car sales website, is offering motorists tips and advice on how to avoid being scammed.

Clocked nearly new cars a danger for dealers

As the BBC puts the spotlight on the rising threat of car clocking, HPI is warning dealers that the reality is far greater than reported.

Don’t be a fool this April

With April Fools Day just round the corner, most people will be looking out for salt in the sugar, whoopee cushions on their chair and other such pranks.

HPI reminds consumers to protect themselves

‘BBC 5 Live Investigates’ is set to report this Sunday (27th February) that unwitting used car buyers are being chased for large sums of money, owed on loans taken out by previous owners. Leading vehicle information expert HPI is warning consumers to be vigilant on the risks of finance fraud and get protection with the HPI Check.

BBC’s Top Gear highlights dangers of used car buying

The latest episode of BBC Two’s Top Gear shone the spotlight on the pitfalls associated with used car buying. The team bought three BMW 325i convertibles and demonstrated how seemingly identical vehicles can have a very different past. HPI warns consumers to remain vigilant and protect themselves with an HPI Check.

Motorists urged to make regular safety checks

Having withstood one of the harshest winters in around 30 years, motorists are being encouraged by Sainsbury's Car Insurance to check that their cars remain roadworthy before setting off on even the shortest journey.

Saying “1 LUV U” with a personal plate this Valentine’s Day?

With more than 30 million personalised registrations currently available from the DVLA, many UK motorists may be declaring their love with a personal, or cherished, plate this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t let your heart rule your head this plate change

With the March plate change just around the corner, many people will be taking steps to upgrade their existing car for something fresh off the production line. In turn, the used car market will enjoy a boost from part exchange or privately sold cars hitting the classified ads, making this a good time for used car buyers to find the car of their dreams.

HPI extends dealer Data Warranty for up to four years

HPI continues to support dealers, as it extends its Data Warranty offering up to four years cover. With the new level of HPI Data Warranty dealers gain protection for their customers for longer as well as help meeting their OFT guidelines.

Beauty is only skin deep

It’s easy to be dazzled by a shiny exterior or top end in-car gadgets when used car shopping, but these could prove to be costly distractions, vehicle information expert HPI warns used car buyers.