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Car Loans

Clamp on car loans now hitting high-earners

Many high-earning Britons are now being declined by mainstream lenders - often due to just minor blemishes on their credit files.

46% of new car buyers want to purchase online

Recent research suggests that 46% of new car buyers want to buy their car online and have it delivered to their door.

More than half of new cars bought on forecourt finance in 2010

More people chose to buy a new car using finance through a car dealer than any other finance option in 2010. 52.1% of new cars bought last year were bought using dealer motor finance, according to the latest statistics from the Finance & Leasing Association, the trade body for the motor finance industry.

Continued growth in used car finance in November

Dealers provided finance for more than 50,000 used cars in November 2010, as the car market continues to return to more ‘normal’ buying behaviour. This is the message from the Finance & Leasing Association, which published its latest motor finance data today.

M&S Money reduces personal loan rate

M&S Money is reducing the rate on its personal loans from 9.9% APR to 7.5% APR (typical). The offer is available from 6th January 2011 and applies to personal loans between £7,500 and £15,000.

Used car finance sales up in August

Sales of used cars using dealer finance rose by 21% in August when compared to the same month in 2009, according to the latest motor finance statistics from the Finance & Leasing Association.

Save £509 when you buy a new car

Savvy shoppers could save up to £509 when buying a new registration car this autumn, simply by sorting out their finance before heading to the garage, according to findings from

Nationwide market-leading loan available to more people

From 7 September 2010, more FlexAccount customers will be able to apply in branches for Nationwide's market-leading personal loan rate of 7.7% APR typical. This coincides with the release of the new car registration plates in September, which is likely to increase the number of personal loan applications in this time period.

Hire purchase or loans to pay for your new car – good idea?

When getting a brand new vehicle, aside from picking which one you want, you have a very important decision to make – how you pay for it.

HPI Finance Gateway to boost buyer finance options

This September’s new car plate change is anticipated to see a surge in consumers shopping around for new and used cars, as buyers bid to beat the January VAT rate rise up to 20% or snap up good quality trade-ins that hit dealer forecourts.

Number of people planning to buy a car increases

The number of people planning to buy a car in the six months to February next year is at a three-year high, according to latest figures from the Sainsbury's Finance Car Buying Index.

New car buyers opt for dealer finance

In the first six months of 2010, more people used dealer finance than personal loans or savings to make a new car purchase. New figures show that 264,377 people used forecourt finance to buy a new car, which was 49.4% of all new cars sold to consumers. The number of new cars bought on finance was up 26% in the first half of 2010.

Choose your car wisely to protect future value

With ‘60’ registrations hitting the forecourts this week (1 September 2010), new research from BMW Financial Services has found that over a third of motorists (38%) would not research the vehicle’s future potential value before investing in a purchase, despite almost three quarters (74%) of drivers saying the future value would play an important factor in their choice of motor.

Skoda's No VAT and finance offers mean great value

Skoda's No VAT and finance offers mean great value

Skoda has extended its range of great offers until 31 December 2010. The deals include Skoda’s impressive “No VAT” on Fabia, Roomster and Octavia; as well as attractive finance offers through Skoda Finance.

Get directed to the right advice on car finance

The SAF Approved ‘Dealer Directory’ is the latest in a range of online tools provided by the Financing & Leasing Association (FLA) to help car buyers decide which finance deal is right for them.