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Child Trust Funds

Steady increase in CTF contributions

Monthly parental contributions to Child Trust Funds (CTFs) have increased with an additional 30,000 accounts now receiving direct debit subscriptions - according to the latest quarterly survey conducted by TISA (Tax Incentivised Saving Association).

Child Trust Fund will save young adults from sea of debt

Leading Child Trust Fund provider The Children's Mutual comments on George Osborne's suggestion to limit the Child Trust Fund to the poorest third of families.

The Children's Mutual wins Best Child Trust Fund Provider Award

Kent-based family finance specialist, The Children's Mutual, has won the Best Child Trust Fund Provider Award from leading financial advice magazine Moneyfacts Investment Life & Pensions for the fourth year in succession.

CTF voucherless system set to have positive impact

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released the quarterly statistics for Child Trust Funds (CTFs), revealing the number of CTF accounts opened by parents. The figures show the rate of take-up of CTFs has remained at 70%.

Defaqto Engage enhanced for CTF market

From the beginning of September, the first children to get Child Trust Fund accounts received additional payments worth at least £250 from the Government as they reached age 7.

Credit unions can help set up Child Trust Fund accounts

Following the official launch of the Child Trust Fund Age Seven Payments at 11 Downing Street (9 September 2009), the Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) is advising families that credit unions can offer assistance in setting up and managing Child Trust Fund (CTF) accounts.

Child Trust Fund could keep your child debt free through uni

Investing in a Yorkshire Building Society cash Child Trust Fund (CTF) could keep your child debt free through university, according to the building society.

Top tips for CTF investors

Any child turning seven in the next few weeks might be hoping for a new scooter, football kit or the latest games console, but as the first beneficiaries of the Child Trust Fund scheme, which went live in 2005, they can also look forward to an extra £250 from the Government from next week.

£25 billion bill for 2009 university starters

The cost of university for this year's recent A-level graduates could be as high as £25 billion - almost £3 billion more than last year - according to leading Child Trust Fund provider.

YBS sees surge in cash Child Trust Funds

With many savers in recent months having seen their Child Trust Fund (CTF) savings plummet, figures from Yorkshire Building Society show that parents are thinking more carefully about the type of CTF they choose.

CTFs benefit from lump sum contributions

Lump sum subscriptions to Child Trust Funds (CTFs) have risen to a record average level of £525, according to the latest quarterly survey conducted by TISA (Tax Incentivised Saving Association).

Cash child trust fund returns outshining stakeholder

The latest survey by Moneyfacts has revealed the extent to which cash child trust funds (CTF) have delivered superior returns to those from the Government's preferred option for parents - stakeholder accounts - since the scheme was launched four years ago.

Parents positive about saving for their children’s futures

As we enter the 12th Positive Parenting Week, leading Child Trust Fund provider, The Children's Mutual, is highlighting the great steps that many parents and families in the UK are already taking towards saving for their children's futures.

Child Trust Fund contributions set record levels

Child Trust Fund contributions are at their highest level ever with regular monthly subscriptions at £14.8m and lump sum payments to date in excess of £105m according to the latest quarterly survey conducted by TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association.

Friendly Societies open a further 300,000 CTF accounts in 2008

Friendly Societies opened a further 300,000 Child Trust Fund accounts (CTFs) in 2008. With 1.6 million accounts now held in total, friendly societies continue to be the predominant sector in the CTF market.