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Credit Card Fraud

Identity fraud victims increasingly targeted at current address

The 32% increase in identity fraud recorded by Members of CIFAS - the UK's Fraud Prevention Service during 2009, contains an even more alarming increase in current address fraud.

Credit card fraud decreases

Total fraud losses on UK cards fell by 28 per cent between 2008 and 2009 to £440.3 million - a decrease of £170 million on the previous year's total, according to the UK Cards Association.

Government crackdown on cyber scams

The Government is taking the fight to fraudsters, criminals and rogue traders who use the internet and email to con consumers.

Fighting fraud - Keeping safe

Customers can help themselves from falling victim to fraud by following some simple step-by-step rules, the British Bankers' Association (BBA) said today.

Renters warned of money transfer scam for ‘phantom’ flats

National charity Citizens Advice is warning people to take extra care when searching for rooms or property online, if they are asked to ‘prove funds' via money transfer prior to viewing. credit monitoring & ID theft channel (LON: MONY) has announced the launch of its credit monitoring and identity theft channel, helping consumers track their own credit profile, and providing the opportunity to compare credit reporting and identity theft products.

Avoiding the 'seven deadly sins' of online fraud

Ori Eisen, Chief Innovation Officer at 41st Parameter, highlights seven 'online sins' which, if addressed, can deter the use of stolen credit cards and reduce identity theft and fraud.

Don’t be a victim of card fraud this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, many people will be out and about using their credit and debit cards in stores, restaurants or cash machines. But fraudsters are also likely to be active at this time of year.

Alarming increase in cases of identity fraud from Experian, the market-leading online identity fraud protection and credit monitoring service, today reports an increase in identity fraud of 12%.

Pickpockets and thieves target more than your wallet

As the festive shopping period hits top speed, the dangers of the season are ones no consumer can afford to ignore.

Banking industry warns about growing card fraud scam

Financial Fraud Action UK, the voice of the industry for financial fraud matters, today (21 October 2009) advised about the recent rise in popularity of an old-style phone scam.

Eight million chip'n'PIN pals at risk of ID fraud

One in five Brits tell friends and family their PIN numbers, leaving themselves open to chip-and-PIN fraud.

Young, single renters biggest target for ID fraudsters

Identity fraudsters across the country are turning their attention from the wealthy to lower income victims living in rented accommodation where their personal details are most vulnerable, according to research from CreditExpert.

London is the capital of card fraud

Card fraud has dramatically increased in London over the last year with more than two million, over one in three, Londoners now having fallen victim.

Changes to store card market

Following the Competition Commission’s enquiry in March 2006 into the store card market, from 1st May 2007 all providers will have to print warnings on statements if they charge consumers annual percentage rates (APRs) of 25% or more.