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How to recover losses by retaining an investment fraud lawyer

If you have ever used a broker or brokerage firm to manage your investments, you know how important it is that your funds are invested appropriately.

7 reasons why robo-advisors are better than traditional investing

Robo-advisory is the future of investing. They are fully automated investment platforms that use computer algorithms to create and manage the most suitable investment portfolio according to individual needs, risk tolerance, and financial goals.

The Era of Responsible Investment

Financial trends always change as the world changes around us and this is partially evident in recent times with the coronavirus pandemic, social issues and environmental disasters having a huge impact on just about every area of life.

Five ways to improve your financial literacy

Five ways to improve your financial literacy

Do you feel lost when people start to talk numbers? Do your eyes glaze over when finance is the topic of conversation? Are you clueless when it comes to money?

Reasons behind changing your investment strategy

Financial markets are continuing to change and advance. In the early period of 2020, this was even more the case, as we saw endless markets toppling due to the world-wide situation occurring.

European Stock Market Overview

European Stock Market Overview

European shares as reflected by the DAX have experienced a wild ride in March and April. The German index tumbled 40% from peak to trough and then rebounded 33% during April and early May.

Investing beyond Forex and Stocks

Sometimes it pays to look beyond the obvious. So, if you have some capital to invest perhaps now could be a good time to look into some of the more unusual and less popular options available.

5 differences between options trading and stock trading

A trader’s or investor’s intention at any given time is to make profits with a minimum level of risk. Options trading and trading stocks are very distinct in their characteristics.

Can robots replace human traders?

Can robots replace human traders?

Back in 2017, the financial world was shaken by the news that investment bank Goldman Sach’s, based in New York, had sacked 600 of its traders. Review - Learn about this FCA Regulated Broker Review - Learn about this FCA Regulated Broker

When you look for a reliable CFD broker nowadays, there is one obvious challenge: There are too many to choose from. It looks like every day a new broker pops up, promoting special offers, better spreads and a whole line of exclusive features.

The Best Penny Stocks for 2019

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers the term “penny stock” to describe any stock that belongs to a small company, is not listed on any of the major exchanges (though this is sometimes disputed), and is currently valued at less than $5.

Ripest Sectors to Invest in 2019: If You Want Long-Term Returns

Ripest Sectors to Invest in 2019: If You Want Long-Term Returns

If you want to beat the market in the long run, invest in a sector that can grow faster than the general economy in the long term. These are among the top industries to allocate more of your portfolio. And remain confident that they can be leaders of tomorrow.

How to give your child the gift of £18k on their 18th birthday

Turning 18 is a milestone in everyone’s lives and when it comes to finding the perfect gift, many of us can be left scratching our heads.

5 things you need to know about the Innovative Finance ISA

With ISA season upon us, it can be tough for savers and investors to know which product to choose. Not every ISA will suit a person’s long-term goals or appetite for risk.

4 trends to watch for in the stock market

4 trends to watch for in the stock market

While you cannot entirely predict a stock's outcome, you can watch for certain trends. Keeping an eye on these trends can help you choose which stocks to purchase, as well as know when to sell or hold onto a specific stock.