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Offset Mortgages

Renting out a room could shave 29 months off your offset mortgage

As first direct launches a range of new offset mortgage rates the direct bank has discovered that by renting out a spare room for just 5 years homeowners with an offset mortgage could reap the benefits.

Barclays boosts its range of offset deals

Barclays is launching a new range of Woolwich Offset mortgages which includes a competitively priced two year Offset tracker at 2.38 per cent (base + 1.88 market).

Offset mortgage borrowers generating outsize ‘returns' on savings

Over the past two years UK offset mortgage borrowers have earned £1.4 billion more on their savings than those who placed their money in best buy savings accounts, according to research by first direct.

Sail through interest rate uncertainty with first direct

After Spencer Dale, Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Bank of England, signalled this weekend that families should plan for interest rates to rise gradually over the next two years the fix or tracker mortgage debate has heated up once again.

Offset mortgages - hit or myth?

A new survey conducted by Yorkshire Building Society has revealed some worrying statistics in relation to Offset mortgages including the fact that only 7 per cent of borrowers considered an Offset product when taking out their mortgage.

Barclays cuts offset mortgages by 0.50 percentage points

Barclays is cutting its range of Offset Woolwich mortgages by up to 0.50 percentage points from Tuesday, 5 April, which could help homeowners repay their mortgage earlier and make them more tax-efficient.

You could get more for your savings with an offset mortgage

High rate tax payers could earn £2085 more on savings of £50,000 in just one year with an offset mortgage.

first direct sees its share of offset mortgages grow

According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) offset mortgages made up almost 11% of new mortgages sold in Q2 2010, versus 8.5% in 2007, perhaps due to the current low Base Rate climate, where an offset mortgage can make savings work harder.

Barclays launches loyalty mortgage discounts

Barclays customers can get better mortgage deals from Wednesday 1 September as the bank launches its first loyalty mortgages.

New 10 year fixed rate offset mortgage from Accord

Ray Boulger of leading independent mortgage adviser John Charcol, comments on the launch of several new products from Accord, the most notable of which is a 10 year fixed rate offset mortgage.

Barclays celebrates 10th birthday of the offset mortgage

June 1, 2000 was the day that Woolwich mortgages changed borrowers mortgage habits by putting the UK's first offset mortgage out to market and it's saved our borrowers more than £1bn in mortgage interest.

It could be time to offset your mortgage

With the base rate at 0.5%, savings rates are low, but so are mortgage rates, so now could be the time for many homeowners with savings to consider offsetting, says Nick Scarrett, head of pensions and investments at Fair Investment Company.

Time for one of the 203 offset mortgages?

Independent financial research company Defaqto believe that the combination of flexibility, tax advantages and low interest rates mean that now could be the time for higher rate taxpayers to consider an offset mortgage.

Leeds launches market leading offset mortgages

Leeds Building Society has launched a range of 2-year fixed rate offset mortgages, from only 3.40%, that includes a number of market leading products. Furthermore there are also fee assisted options for those customers who prefer help with up front costs.

Savings from offset mortgages beat cash ISAs

A study by first direct shows that over the last ten years typical cash ISA savers, who also hold a mortgage, would have been better off by placing their savings pot in a mortgage offset account.