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Time to get serious: Young people plan to save, not spend in 2015

When it comes to setting financial goals for 2015, it is those aged 18 to 24 who are most likely to prioritise getting in control of their money.

£2.6 billion spent on unwanted Christmas presents

Adults in the UK receive £2.6 billion worth of unwanted gifts at Christmas, according to new research from Triodos Bank. The study found that 32 per cent of people receive at least one unwanted present every year with an average value of £155.

Personal finances in 2014: savings up, debt down and happiness increasing

When it comes to personal finances, 2014 has been a good year for more people than it has been bad for.

Resolve to gain pounds in 2015

Britain’s hard pressed households could give themselves a New Year financial boost in 2015 by resolving to gain pounds. By taking a short amount of time to review finances and switching to more competitive deals, analysis from MoneySuperMarket has shown UK households could save thousands of pounds.

Halifax Savers Superdraw to give away £1,500,000 for third anniversary

To celebrate the third anniversary of the first Savers Prize Draw in December, Halifax is launching its latest Savers Prize Superdraw, tripling the monthly prize pot to give away £1,500,000.

Happier families more positive for their financial future

The latest Lloyds Bank Family Finances report reveals feelings towards the economy are growing evermore positive across all household types.

A North-South divide persists with savings balances

When it comes to savings, customers in southern England are out saving those in northern regions by 10%, according to latest research from Halifax.

Over £41 million of premium bonds prizes remain unclaimed across the UK

Across the UK over 928,000 Premium Bonds prizes worth over £41 million remain unclaimed.

Women twice as likely as men to have a secret 'cash stash'

Almost half of British adults (48%) have ‘fibbed’ when it comes to their finances, a new survey by long term savings and investment specialist Standard Life has revealed.

Over a third have less than a month’s income in savings

The latest Lloyds Bank Savings Index shows a stable picture for the nation’s savers, yet despite the continued economic improvement, savings levels remain low.

£500 a month in spare cash for the average UK person

Despite people still feeling the pinch, many of those in full time employment are accumulating spare cash each month, according to research from Lloyds Bank.

2014 savings rise comes to an end

The steady rise in savings levels seen over the last year, from 7.42% of income saved in summer 2013 to 8.21% in spring 2014, came to an end in the summer, according to NS&I’s latest Quarterly Savings Survey.

How UK parents are saving stay-at-home kids £17.1bn

Young adults age 18-34 living with their parents are saving themselves a staggering £17.1bn a year in rent and living costs, according to research conducted on behalf of budgeting account provider

Quit smoking in ‘Stoptober’ to feel healthier and wealthier

Stoptober 2014 is in full swing and analysis from MoneySuperMarket reveals smokers who take up the challenge to kick the habit will benefit from healthier bodies and bank balances.

A quarter of UK consumers have no ‘rainy day’ savings

Brits estimate that they should have £1,200 put aside for emergencies but 59% have less than £1,000 saved up.