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Tracker Mortgages

Britannia and The Co-op offer 90% LTV mortgages

Britannia and The Co-operative Bank are giving first time buyers and those looking for a new home a huge helping hand with the introduction of a package of measures to help support them in buying a new property.

Britain's wasted mortgage years

Over two thirds (63%) of borrowers on a tracker mortgage are not taking advantage of the low interest rates to overpay on their mortgage, according to research by This has risen from just over half (53%) of borrowers in May 2009.

Coventry launches new Capped BBR Tracker mortgage

Coventry has launched a mortgage product which offers the best of both worlds - a capped base rate tracker. This product combines all of the best features of a base rate tracker and a fixed rate mortgage - a low initial starting rate, and protection if interest rates start to rise.

New mortgages and rate cuts from Britannia and The Co-op

Britannia and The Co-operative Bank are again reducing mortgage rates by up to 0.25% and launching more new best-buy mortgage products from this Friday (16th April).

Chelsea offers fee-free mortgages

Chelsea Building Society has launched a distinctive range of mortgages for people who need to borrow up to 85% of the value of their homes - what's more there's no arrangement fee! First time buyers, who recently benefitted from the changes to Stamp Duty, can save even more by choosing Chelsea.

Woolwich mortgages cuts fixed and tracker rates

Woolwich mortgages from Barclays will make substantial cuts on its tracker and fixed rate range from Wednesday 7th April by an average of 0.30% with the largest reductions happening on 75% loan to value.

Britannia and The Co-operative Bank launch best buy mortgage

Following the recent launch of the market-leading two year fixed rate range, Britannia and The Co-operative Bank are again launching new best buy mortgages this week (19 March), with the arrival of a new market-leading 3-year tracker and an innovative 5-year capped rate mortgage.

Yorkshire Building Society launches best buy tracker mortgage

Yorkshire Building Society has today cut the rate of its two-year tracker product making it the best buy tracker mortgage for people with a 15% deposit.

Northern Rock reduces selected mortgage rates

Northern Rock has reduced some of its mortgage product rates with effect from 03 March 2010.

Santander cuts rates on 80% LTV mortgages

From Thursday (4 March) Santander is slashing the rates on its 80 per cent LTV mortgages. The new best buy deals are as follows:

Post Office expands mortgage range and cuts rates even further

For the second time in the last month the Post Office has cut the rates on its fixed and tracker mortgage products. The rate changes will take effect immediately and will coincide with the launch of a new range of 75% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages.

Platform reduces mainstream mortgage rates

Platform, the intermediary mortgage specialist of The Co-operative Bank, has reduced rates in its range on fixed and tracker deals.

Santander launches new fixed and tracker mortgage deals

From Wednesday (3 February), Santander is launching two new 70 per cent LTV mortgages, a 2-year tracker and a 2-year fix, available at Santander and Alliance & Leicester branches.

Yorkshire Building Society launches fixed rate from 3.29%

Yorkshire Building Society has launched a 2 year fixed rate mortgage at 3.29% up to 60% LTV with a £1,195 fee which is currently the lowest 2 year fixed rate available direct to customers.

Santander cuts tracker mortgage rates

From Friday (29 January), two tracker mortgages available from Santander and Alliance & Leicester branches will be reduced.