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Generation Consumer has arrived!

Retailers at the forefront of opportunity to capitalise on the rise of consumerisation of technology and growth on online sales.

An effective tool for consumers looking to save money

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to not only save money but do so in a way that doesn’t take them hours of searching and comparing prices.

Electrical and electronic goods to take top share of online sales in 2015

Electrical and electronic goods to take top share of online sales in 2015

With online sales of electrical and electronic goods remaining hot on the heels of fashion over the past few years, new research from Mintel finds they will finally surge ahead to take the top spot in 2015.

Women can save up to 10.5% on the best beauty treatments to get summer ready

Shoppers now have access to the most luxurious beauty treatments at discounted prices this summer via

Customers more engaged with their finances as Digital Revolution takes hold

The rapid growth of digital banking has driven increased customer engagement, the latest figures from the Halifax Digital Dashboard show.

5 things every CEO should know about good customer service

Any successful business must ensure that their level of customer service is as high as possible.

How to build a more efficient and effective supply chain

An efficient supply chain is vital to the business world. It’s also important for the consumer, as goods must be transported to their destination in a timely and safe manner in order that the customer can reap maximum benefit from them.

Are E-cig start-ups missing a trick in Eastern Europe?

Entrepreneurs don’t usually miss out on anything in life; indeed, the skill of a good entrepreneur is to predict the near future and how it can be disrupted by new ideas and then exploited.

5 compelling reasons your small business should digitise

One of the first and most important things for a business, whatever its size, is to have an online presence. This is not only a website but everything that comes with it.

How you can stay safe shopping online

How you can stay safe shopping online

In a world where most people are short of spare time, online shopping is convenient. You have most stores at your fingertips, meaning that you can make your purchases from the comfort of your own home, and have everything delivered to your door.

5 steps for choosing a creative business name

Before you launch a start-up company, rebrand, or order marketing materials from sites like Helloprint, it’s essential to choose a creative business name.

iOS vs. Android: User differences between iPhone and Android apps

iOS vs. Android: User differences between iPhone and Android apps

Hotel search tool has analysed searches made on our iPhone and Android mobile apps over the past 12 months to identify key differences in search and travel preferences.

Six ways to generate amazing leads with mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more important now that so many of us have mobile phones and use them so often. We're glued to these devices so its no wonder it's become such a cost-effective way to generate leads.

Brits fatigued by the high cost of shopping around for the lowest price

Over three quarters (79%) of Brits believe that there are so many options for shopping around to find the best deal that they feel bewildered and don’t always know who to trust, with 65% pinning this distrust on the overwhelming volume of price comparison sites.

How technology is aiding big businesses to achieve customer satisfaction

A business survives because there are customers who support it. Without customers, there clearly can be no business and it’s no wonder that, as a result, customer service is considered the lifeblood of any organization.