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Drivers need to be uber careful before charging for lifts

Drivers offering lift-shares are only permitted to ask passengers for a contribution towards fuel and other running costs.

One in 10 motorists admit to "rubbernecking"

Many motorists up and down the country are guilty of slowing down to ‘rubberneck’ at road traffic accidents, with almost half of Brits (48%) arguing that it is normal to be curious at the scene of a traffic accident, according to new research from

Audi, BMW and Mercedes - love the car, loathe the drivers

German car manufacturers top the list of ‘most wanted’ car brands but also feature in the top 10 worst driver list.

Petrol Vs Diesel: Choosing the right car for you

One of things to consider when searching for a new car is whether your new vehicle will be a petrol or diesel model.

Carsharing is getting easier than driving one’s own car

Thanks to Invers, the market leader in carsharing technology, you can now open a carsharing vehicle and drive off – just by using the watch on your wrist. The company has in fact developed an app for the Apple smartwatch that combines all essential functions for car-share users.

The roof comes off, but so do the miles

Over the last decade the UK has seen the number of convertible cars on its roads increase by a staggering 1182%, confirming Britain’s passion for ‘making hay whilst the sun shines’.

Motorists warned about uninsured modifications Car Insurance is warning drivers not to inadvertently invalidate their car insurance by not advising their insurer of any modifications they make to their vehicle.

Saga reports less motor claims during snowy weather

With more snow starting to fall across the country, Saga’s Paul Green urges people to heed winter driving warnings.

Half of Brits unwilling to be a passenger in a driverless car

Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality, with trials starting this month in selected UK towns and cities. However, almost half (48%) of consumers are unwilling to be a passenger in an autonomous vehicle, according to new research from

Five million Brits ‘too posh’ for public transport

Almost five million (10 per cent) UK adults are ‘too posh’ for public transport, according to research by Direct Line Car Insurance.

Travel is the biggest cause of Christmas tension

As 13 million of the UK’s drivers take to the roads this Christmas, leading used car website Trusted Dealers, in partnership with the NFDA (National Franchised Dealers Association) has revealed the annual Christmas getaway is one of the biggest cause of stress for families over the festive period.

Parking gets us hot under the collar

Parking is causing problems for millions of UK motorists according to research by car insurance expert Admiral.

Used car buyers urged to beware of cut and shuts masquerading as a bargain

Used car buyers urged to beware of cut and shuts masquerading as a bargain

Used car buyers continue to fall prey to criminals selling dangerous ‘cut ‘n’ shut’ vehicles at bargain prices, warns HPI, the provider of

Heritage Motor Centre launches ‘DriveZone’ for under 17’s to learn basic driving skills

Heritage Motor Centre launches ‘DriveZone’ for under 17’s to learn basic driving skills

The Heritage Motor Centre has launched a series of driving packages aimed at those aged 11 - 17 who want to learn basic driving skills.

Early hour collisions have biggest impact

Drivers using the roads in the early hours of the morning are most likely to be involved in a high-speed collision, according to research by In-Car Cleverness (ICC).