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Balance Transfer

Post Office increases balance transfer on its credit card

Post Office has announced a new issue of its credit card which allows customers to transfer their balance without paying any interest for the first 18 months.

Barclaycard up the stakes in the credit card clash

Yesterday Nationwide launched a new 26 month 0% interest balance transfer term for its Select card, but today (Friday) Barclaycard has fought back by extending the length of its balance transfer period to 28 months, the longest interest free period on the market - with a balance transfer fee of 3.5%.

Balance transfer battle hots up

Twenty per cent of Brits have never switched credit card providers and 65% of those who use their card on holiday, have never switched to get a better balance transfer deal, according to research by

Nationwide launches new credit card offer

Nationwide Building Society is increasing the length of its interest-free balance transfer offer and reducing its balance transfer fee on both the Select Credit Card (available to main current account customers) and Nationwide Credit Card for all new customers.

Virgin Money 26 month balance transfer credit card

Virgin Money is extending the 0% introductory period on its balance transfer (BT) credit card from 20 months to 26 months for new customers.

MBNA reduces handling fee on its two-year balance transfer card

MBNA has reduced the balance transfer handling fee for customers applying for its leading two-year MBNA Platinum balance transfer card directly through the MBNA website.

Tesco Bank introduces 25 month 0% period on balance transfers

Tesco Bank has introduced a new 0%, 25 month period, for balance transfers on the Clubcard Credit Card.

New two-year balance transfer card offer is MBNA’s longest ever

MBNA launches its longest ever balance transfer credit card offering up to two years of interest-free borrowing.

Lower balance transfer fees with new MBNA credit cards

Less than one in five (18 percent) of UK credit cardholders has taken advantage of a zero percent balance transfer promotion on a new credit card in the last two years, according to research commissioned by MBNA.

Consolidating debt could save £830

With over 32 million post-Christmas credit card bills expected to hit doormats in January and February, many hard-pressed households will be looking at how they can reduce their debts in 2013.

Lloyds TSB launches balance transfer fee refund offer

Lloyds TSB is offering a 50% refund on balance transfer fees for customers opening a Lloyds TSB Platinum credit card online from this week.

Are people managing their debt properly?

More than half of UK credit card holders say they would never consider doing a balance transfer on their credit cards, according to new research by Nationwide Building Society.

MBNA extends Platinum card balance transfer offer to 23 months

MBNA has increased the zero percent balance transfer offer on its long-term Platinum balance transfer credit card to 23 months.

Nationwide halves balance transfer fee

Anyone now opening Nationwide Building Society's Credit Card or Select Card online via will benefit from a 50 per cent discount on the balance transfer fee.

Barclaycard launches new 36-month balance transfer card

Barclaycard has announced the launch of a new 36 month balance transfer card with a 4.9% interest rate and no balance transfer fee.