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Childrens Savings Accounts

Child Trust Funds continue to dominate children's savings accounts

The majority of parents with children currently 10 years old or under have some form of savings account for their child in place, according to the latest research from Lloyds TSB.

Saving habit starts early at Alliance Trust Savings

As Junior ISAs (JISAs) pass their first anniversary, analysis of Alliance Trust Savings customer data has revealed that nearly a third of JISA holders are one-year-old or under (29%), with 13 year olds the next most popular age (12%).

The Share Centre provides Junior ISAs for looked after children

The Share Centre has been selected as one of the providers of Junior ISAs for looked after children and young people.

NatWest pigs are back

NatWest pigs are back

NatWest is bringing back its much-loved piggy banks in a children’s competition to design a new pig for the famous family.

Kids are keen to earn

Even though they aren't yet old enough to get a paying job, almost two thirds of children are already earning money to help pay for the things they want by helping with housework and doing chores.

The great piggy bank robbery

Parents with children under 18 are resorting to taking or borrowing their children's savings to help pay the bills, according to research from MoneySupermarket.

Pocket money drops and girls fall behind boys

The amount of weekly pocket money received by 8-15 year olds in 2012 has fallen to £5.98, a drop of 27p a week and £14.04 a year, with the gap between the amounts received by boys and girls also increasing, according to the Halifax Pocket Money Survey.

New savings accounts for children from Clydesdale and Yorkshire

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks are to launch two new savings accounts for children.

Dos and don’ts: Child savings plan

As devoted parents or grandparents, many people want to give their young relatives the best possible start in life.

94% of parents worried about their child's financial future

94% of parents are worried about their children's financial future according to a study by J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Skipton makes saving for children even more rewarding

Skipton are building on their strong track record for children's savings by launching a new issue of the Leap account.

Four in five parents never needed to dip into children’s savings

New research from Legal & General Investments, one of the UK’s largest investment providers finds four in five (81%) parents have never needed to dip into their children’s savings.

Halifax launches Kids Fixed Saver range

This Christmas, parents looking to build a nest egg for their children will have access to some competitive rates from Halifax with the launch of a new fixed savings range for children.

The cash gift for children that also supports charities

This Christmas, anyone worrying about what to buy for a child should consider another option. Charity Bank, the not for profit savings bank, offers an account for those under the age of 16.

Halifax launches Junior Stocks and Shares ISA

Halifax launches its Junior Stocks & Shares ISA on Friday 18th November. The fund is simple, straightforward and aims to track the performance of the FTSE 100 Index. Customers are able to top up and value their investment online.