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3 ways to get a student loan during the pandemic

The thrill of being accepted in one of the best universities is something that should not be replaced by the fear and angst of how you’re supposed to pay for that kind of education.

Understanding Bridging Loans

Bridging loans have become more prevalent in recent times; the market has grown from £1 billion to over £8 billion in a decade and continues to grow.

Why and how to obtain home equity loans and HELOCs

People have many different reasons for wanting home equity loans and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). In fact, there are some very sound financial goals that are well served by tapping into the equity of your property.

Debt collection rights for consumers

If you’re in debt and you’re being chased by creditors, then it’s important that you know your rights.

How to avoid getting into debt

According to a recent report published by the Money Charity, UK households are forecast to owe an average of £84,412 by the year 2022, and in the year 2017, around 276 people per day were recorded as insolvent.

What are CCJs?

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a type of court order used in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Consumer money worries rise as Britain’s debt mounts

Britain is a nation of spenders. The UK is the second most indebted G8 nation, behind only Canada. Between 2012 and 2017, household debt in the UK increased by 7% to reach in excess of £1.6 billion, according to official government statistics reported by The Guardian.

Loans for average credit consumers

Having a high credit score opens up the world of affordable and, in some cases easy, access to borrowing money, from small expenses to major purchases like a home.

What steps should you be taking to clear yourself from debt?

Being in debt can be very stressful, whether it’s unintended or a consequence of careless over spending.

How can students benefit from short-term loans

Students will be the focus on media attention once again this summer, with the controversial interest rate on loans set to increase to 6.1% in September.

Student debt can be taxing

The current system of student loans by which university education in England is financed has been dogged by controversy since it was brought in by the Labour Government under Tony Blair.

Will debt hold you back in life?

Will debt hold you back in life?

It’s said that the average UK household now has almost £13,000 of debt – before you even take into account the cost of mortgages and property.

Could your finances survive "One Unfortunate Week"?

As debt becomes a more widespread problem across the UK, PayPlan have created an interactive journey entitled “One Unfortunate Week” designed to put you in the shoes of the average Brit, five days before payday and subjected to some of the worst luck you have ever seen.

6.5 million adults in the UK worry about their debt all or most of the time

9 million UK adults think that they have a debt problem, according to new figures released by Debt Advisory Centre.

FCA launches call for input on crowdfunding rules

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is seeking input on which areas should be considered as part of its upcoming review of the rules surrounding both investment-based and loan-based crowdfunding.