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Soft Drinks

Britain feels great at 2.37pm

Long gone is the post lunchtime slump. It’s now been discovered that 2.37 in the afternoon is the time when we’re feeling at our best and able to tackle even the most tedious of jobs, without a second thought.

Dehydration linked to winter blues?

Headaches, fatigue and feeling physically and mentally sluggish are common symptoms of the winter blues but, according to the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), you can help shake off the cobwebs and bounce back out of the gloom simply by drinking more fluid.

First re-sealable drinks can hits UK shelves

First re-sealable drinks can hits UK shelves

The UK’s first ever re-sealable drinks can, will make history this month when new energy drink, ‘No Fear Extreme Energy’ hits the shelves.

How healthy is your child’s lunchbox?

How healthy is your child’s lunchbox?

Research published this week by the University of Leeds has revealed that only 1% of children’s lunchboxes meet the Government’s nutritional standards. With over 5.5bn packed lunches being eaten each year, this is a staggering amount of junk food that children are potentially consuming.

Battle for Christmas food market kicks off this weekend

The battle to win this year's high street Christmas food market is being fought on the party snacks front and will officially kick off this weekend.

New Lufthansa offering pleases coffee connoisseurs

Coffee connoisseurs can now pick and choose from a wider choice of their favorite hot beverage on Lufthansa flights out of Frankfurt and Munich to German domestic and most European destinations (Schengen Area).

Häagen-Dazs brings festive cheer to Leicester Square

Häagen-Dazs brings festive cheer to Leicester Square

The Häagen-Dazs shop will offer visitors to Leicester Square delicious hot Christmas drinks for free next Tuesday, 24th November, to mark the launch of its partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK and help the charity grant magical wishes this Christmas.

Natural antioxidants in your coffee cup

Most of us have heard of antioxidants (over nine in 10 if you want to get technical) but far fewer are aware how good they are for us. In fact, around one third of Brits have no idea whether they’re good for them or not.

Fiona Philips launches campaign to save traditional playtime

As a child was there anything better then varnishing a conker in the hope of beating your pal, the rush and excitement of British Bulldog or the elation of skipping? Well if you remember the good old days look away now, as new research reveals the demise of these treasured childhood activities.