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Moving Home

How to get accommodation in the UK

Trying to find the perfect student accommodation is one of the key responsibilities of student life. You need somewhere you’re going to fit in, feel comfortable, and make friends, and it is important that you make sure you get this right as much as you can.

Three top tips for selling your home

Do you want to sell your property? Well, it may be easier to do than you expect. Very often, all you need is a home update.

How to prioritize when moving into a smaller flat

Moving is rarely fun. But finding your new place can be quite an adventure. When moving from the suburbs into the city center, your bank balance may not stretch exactly the same way it once did.

How to change the name of your house

Every now and then, we all come across a house with the kind of name that makes us wonder…what were they thinking? Likewise, you’ve no doubt also come across a fair few quaint, charming and inspirational home names over the years too.

To store or not to store: 5 tips for making the right decision

Whether you are heading off to University, going travelling, moving house or just having a general de-clutter, you will have a lot of belongings that you need to manage.

Cost of moving house rises to £11,000

The average cost of moving house in the UK has increased by £870 over the past year to £10,996, according to the latest research from Lloyds Bank.

43 million Brits would go over budget for the right home

Almost 78% of UK adults, 43 million, are willing to go over budget to find a home which meets all their priorities, according to research conducted on behalf of Ocean Finance.

Does seasonal selling exist and how can you use it to your advantage?

Insider tips and tricks that homeowners and estate agents use to sell properties can be flipped on their head and worked to your advantage when buying.

The village is winning the people’s vote when it comes to moving

The village is winning the people’s vote when it comes to moving

When it comes to moving, a new report suggests that the village is increasingly becoming the location type of choice among UK house hunters.

Revealed - the 20 things that will sell your home

Central heating and double glazing top UK homebuyers’ list of ‘must-have’ property features.

Size, style and space - how to achieve your dream home desires

Many of us have a wish list when it comes to describing our dream home; it could be having an extra bedroom, south-facing garden or ensuite bathroom.

5 tips for selling your home without an estate agent

If you want a job doing well, then do it yourself. Or so the saying goes. There are a great many of us who would much rather take charge of our own affairs than leave it to others.

Guidance for lease extensions

When a lease has a short term it will become more expensive to extend and could also cause difficulties when you come to sell the property, as mortgage lenders will not want to lend on a short term.

Spring in full swing for property market

Spring in full swing for property market

Daffodils are blooming, chicks are chirping and the days are getting longer which all mean one thing – the start of spring. This is good news for the property market and both buyers and sellers who can benefit from the traditional ‘spring bounce’.

Get double the help from Lovell - and make your home move twice as easy

Developer Lovell has come up with a brand-new way to get home buyers moving. The company has just launched its innovative Helping Hands Plus scheme – a new initiative aimed at anyone with a property to sell and which can also be combined with the Government-backed Equity Loan scheme.