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Standard Life’s Gift Plan celebrates second birthday

Standard Life Assurance Limited’s Gift Plan is celebrating its second birthday.

AEGON Scottish Equitable asks, when is tax free not tax free?

AEGON Scottish Equitable warns of inheritance tax threat from so called ‘tax free’ savings products.

Young Brits fear inheritance debt bombshell

Gone are the days when mum and dad could bank on a family inheritance to clear the mortgage. New research from AA Legal Services reveals that seven in ten young Brits (70%) most fear inheriting a mountain of debt when their parents pass away.

You don't have to be rich to face Inheritance Tax

Many people mistakenly think inheritance tax is solely the preserve of the rich and won’t affect them.

Bring inheritance tax in line with house price inflation

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) has reiterated its concern over inheritance tax (IHT) and the Chancellor’s plans to increase the nil rate threshold by a minimal amount over the next four years.

Chancellor gets sums wrong on IHT projections, says Way Group

A prediction by the Chancellor that around six per cent of UK estates are likely to be caught in the inheritance tax (IHT) trap by 2010 is deliberately misleading, according to fund manager The WAY Group.

Brits waste £1.5 billion in inheritance tax

UK taxpayers are wasting millions of pounds due to poor IHT planning according to annual research by

Inheritance tax and Stamp Duty - the key facts from the Halifax

Property tax revenues - including inheritance tax and stamp duty - in the UK are the highest (along with the US) in the OECD. Property taxes as a percentage of total taxes in the UK have risen from 10.4% in 1995 to 12.0% in 2004 according to the latest statistics. The average for the Euro-zone is 5.3% and the UK's 12.0% compares with 8.1% in Spain, 7.6% in France and 2.5% in Germany.(source: OECD).

Friends Provident widens choice for IFAs on IHT Planning

Friends Provident, the FTSE 100 life and pensions company, has added a bare trust to its Discounted Gift Plan (DGP) in a move to provide wider flexibility to IFAs and their clients for inheritance tax planning (IHT) purposes.

Inheritance tax issues for British expatriates in Spain

With 75,000 UK pensioners currently living in Spain, the subject of Inheritance tax for British expatriates is one that needs to be given careful consideration, says Bank of Scotland International.

Standard Life announces expansion of trust range

Standard Life has announced the expansion of its trust range with the launch of a Discounted Gift Plan Absolute Trust, giving more choice of trusts for advisers and clients.

Tomorrow’s 21 year olds set to inherit the keys to the door

Two thirds of UK adults (60%) think their children should not inherit aged 18 but should wait until they are 21 or over, according to research by Saga Will Writing and Estate Planning Services. However, a massive 83% of people were unaware that, under new IHT laws, if offspring do not inherit from a trust at 18 years of age then they will now be taxed.

Standard Life welcomes plans to increase IHT reporting limit

Standard Life has welcomed the announcement that HMRC intends to increase the inheritance tax reporting limit for certain types of gift in tax year 2007-08, from £10,000 to £200,000.

The £103 billion inheritance tax giveaway

As more people are caught out by inheritance tax than ever before, due to increased wealth and rising house prices, Scottish Widows research reveals Brits are well aware they can’t take it with them when they’re gone, and are planning on giving away £103 billion to friends and family to avoid a huge tax bill on their death.

New inheritance tax planning tool

Property value growth means tens of thousands more Britons face hefty inheritance tax bills and Budget changes have made it more difficult to plan for inheritance tax using most trusts.